10 WWE Moments That Kids Should Never Watch

Sx, torturous violence, drugs, murder, these are not the keywords that are associated with the current WWE. The current WWE product is PG friendly and is family oriented, however WWE could never undo and erase the moments that occurred in the past that many of us had witnessed. These are the WWE moments that kids probably should have never seen in the first place. So let’s get started, shall we?

Let’s Take A Look At 10 WWE Moments That Kids Should Never Watch! 

1. Batista’s Rape Storyline

Batista has an illustrious career, he has won numerous titles ranging from tag team titles to the WWE World Heavyweight title, he has won many Royal Rumbles, headlined PPVS, and is now a bona-fide Hollywood action star. However let’s hope his fans never come across his rape storyline where he was accused of being a sexual predator. In the past, during a storyline in which WWE aired a seduction scene between Melina and Batista, and Melina later claimed that Batista forced her and took advantage of her. When the fans and critics dismissed the storyline, the offensive nature of the storyline, WWE were smart enough to drop the storyline quickly.

2. Edge Celebrates With Lita

Edge won the WWE championship at New Year’s Revolution when he cashed in his Money In The Bank Briefcase, he defeated the already battered John Cena in less than 2 minutes, and won the title. He then decided to celebrate his victory by having sx on RAW. Yeah he straight-up said that and he kind of did that too. They didn’t go all the way because they can’t do that on live television, but still it might have disturbing for the people in attendance to watch Edge and Lita in the bed and doing it.

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3. Tori Wilson And Sable

Ah those good old days of WWE ruthless aggression era. If you experienced  that era of WWE then you surely remember the many feuds, partnerships, moments of Sable and Tori Wilson together. Who could forget their famous lip lock in the ring that stunned the audience. Sable was playing and teasing Torrie Wilson for weeks until the tension between them boiled over and turned into a romantic encounter. After Torrie won the bikini contest against Sable at Judgement Day, she celebrated it by kissing Sable in the ring.

4. The Stalking Crush Of Trish Stratus

Who could forget the feud between Mickie James and Trish Stratus, the storyline where Mickie played the psycho obsessed stalker of Trish Stratus. Mickie for weeks played the romantic mind games with Trish, trying to win her love, and she actually kissed the down and out Trish in the ring. During the Christmas episode of Raw, they both shared a kiss in the locker room.

5. Dawn Marie And Torrie

In a storyline where Dawn Marie spent many weeks trying to manipulate Torrie, she even seduced Torrie’s father. Dawn Marie used Torrie’s father to get into Torrie’s head and it all escalated quickly when to stop Dawn Marie’s marriage to her dad, Torrie decided to meet Dawn in a hotel room and they two made out and did it. But Dawn Marie still went on with the marriage and kissed Torrie’s dad live on the television.

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6. Sable

Many of you might not know that Sable is married to Brock Lesnar. But most of the fans know her for her time in the Attitude Era. Sable was a huge money draw in the WWE for very obvious reasons which you can figure out by looking in the picture. She had two famous sexy incidents in the ring, the one time when she hand printed over her breasts and showed it to everyone. The other one of course her interactions and segments with Torrie Wilson and Vince McMahon.

7. Trish Stratus Faces The Punishment

You know sometimes Vince McMahon can be ruthless and cruel, he means only business. And you don’t cross the boss unless of course you’re Stone Cold Steve Austin. Trish Stratus was asked to strip down, get on her knees, and then bark like a dog. You read it right! The greatest female wrestler of her era did that because it was her punishment.

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8. Miss Kitty Flashes

Well this ain’t some wardrobe malfunction, Miss Kitty did it on purpose and gave a treat to the fans. It happened in 1999 at Armageddon when WWE witnessed the first intentional incident of nudity. It was a four corners evening gown pool match for the WWF Women’s Championship, Miss Kitty won the match. After winning she decided to celebrate it by flashing her assets to the crowd. WOW!

9. Edge’s Rated R Pin

WWE Moments

Another Edge incident on the list, they don’t call him Rated R superstar for no reason. At ECW One Night Stand in 2006, Edge teamed up with Lita and Mick Foley to take up on the team of Tommy Dreamer, his real life wife Beulah McGillicutty, and Terry Funk. Edge team won the match, in fact it was Edge who scored the winning pin, but his pin over Beulah was very Rated R.

10. ECW Strip Poker

Well ECW has given us many extreme WWE moments, of course it’s a watered down version of the original ECW. As ECW was struggling in ratings, they decided to promote one thing that will surely get them some viewers. A group of divas played the game of strip poker on the live television, being the live television nothing really happened, but the segment was nothing short of extreme.

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So guys, how many of you have seen these WWE moments? Because if you have not, then try YouTube and see if you could find them. If there are any other shocking WWE moments that we have not mentioned in the article, then let us know in th comments, and we’ll include it in our next article. Don’t forget to share your opinions and views with us in the comments section. Like our Facebook page Humor Nation
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