13 Interesting Facts About The Devil Lucifer!

Hey guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. Lucifer was god’s beloved, he was the perfect angel. He was known as Lucifer when he lived in heaven. After he sinned, he fell from his grace, and was thrown out of heaven. After being cast out of heaven, Lucifer became Satan.

So Let’s Take A Look At 13 Interesting Facts About The Devil Lucifer!
13. Helel Ben Sahar

Lucifer’s real name is Helel Ben Sahar Morning Star. Before anything, Lucifer was god’s beloved and closest to God.

12. The Strength

Lucifer was the most powerful of all angels. In the Ezekiel 28:12-14, it is stated that his appearance was dazzling, and was covered with gold and jewelry; and was chief of all the angels.

11. Fire

As in the Bible, Hebrew Scripture and Quran, angels such as, Michael or Gabriel, are created from light. However, Lucifer is created from fire.

10. Archangel

Lucifer was one of the archangels before disobeying god and following the path of darkness.

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9. Guardian Of Hell

Lucifer is not the guardian of Hell. A lot of texts state and compare Lucifer to Hades – a mythological character who guards hell.

8. Worship

As other angels, he also used to worship god until he was asked to bow down before Adam – The First Human Being.


7. 1st Reason To Fall

In Isaiah 14:12-15 & Ezekiel 28:12-15, it is stated that Lucifer wanted to defeated god and take over god’s throne.

6. 2nd Reason To Fall

In Quran it is stated that when all the angels were ordered to prostrate before Adam, they obeyed. However, Lucifer disobeyed god by denying to prostrate before Adam.

5. The Great War

It is believed that after Lucifer’s ill will to defeat god, he and his minions were defeated in a great war by the seven archangels. He was then abolished from the heavens and sent on the earth.

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4. The Promise

After Lucifer was abolished, he swore upon the supremacy of god that he will do his best to distract the followers of god into the path of darkness.

3. Satan

The name Satan or Shaitan (in Arabic) is appointed to Lucifer due to his disobedience, sins, cunningness, and mischiefs.

2. The Temptation

13 Interesting Facts About The Devil Lucifer!

It was Lucifer’s temptation that convinced Adam and Eve to consume an apple from the forbidden tree. This led to the banishment of Adam and Even from heaven to earth.

1. The Presence And Image

It is believed that Lucifer has been living among the humans for hundreds and thousands of years, seducing and tempting people onto his path. Although, Lucifer’s actual image is never been documented, many portray him as a ‘beast with Horns’, a dark figure or a fiery demon.

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