15 Extraordinary And Creative Resumes That Not Only Won Jobs, But Also Hearts!


8. One of the most interesting resume to get a graphic designer job, the person used his talent on a piece of fabric.

9. Sumukh Mehta’s resume on a magazine made the internet go CRAZY!

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10. Josh Butler presented himself on sale on Ebay and offered his services in a very interesting way

11. Chuck D Lay’s resume for a graphic designing job is just perfect enough to impress anyone

12. Can you even imagine of representing your resume on a paper cup, tissue and also on a piece of receipt? Am sure its way beyond your imagination, but SID Santos did so

13. Again a resume by SID Santos in the year 2004 in the form a 3-D box, you just need to fold this resume to make it a 3-D box.

14. Resume made by BlackbirdTees on a T-shirt is just wonderful

15. Why to type a resume when you can actually draw one, Oona did the same thing and used her talent and made a resume herself by sketching it.

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