15 One-Line Stories That Will Break Your Heart

One-line stories that must be read

The world is comprised of numerous stories, stories that are starting and concluding each and every second. Stories that characterize us, change us, shape up our identities. Each and every individual in this world has an account of their life, they have a story to tell. Regardless of how normal a man appear to be, in the event that you look carefully into his story, you come to find that its exceptional.

The thing about every great story is that it needs a story-teller, someone who can tell this story to others or how else would the story accomplish its greatness? Some people love narrating a story while some people appreciate tuning in to a story. Do you remember the time when you were just a small child and you wouldn’t fall asleep every night without hearing a story from your grandparents.

These astonishing stories are just a single sentence long, however sufficiently long enough to overwhelm your heart with feelings, incite your brain with profound musings that will keep lingering.

So Let’s Take A Look At 15 One-Line Stories That Are Thought Provoking, Painful, And Touching. These Stories Will Melt Your Heart.

1. The pain of losing a child is unbearable. It’s the worst kind of pain.

2. Today I saw myself for who I am.

3. My respect to all those great soldiers who sacrifice their lives for their nation. They are the real heroes.

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4. You might be gone, but you’re still here..in my heart.

5. Alzheimer steals all the wonderful, beautiful memories from your loved ones.

6. Dear God, you have a twisted sense of humor.

7. There is no greater religion in the world than Humanity.

8. A NO means NO! Understand it and respect it.

9. The struggle ends.

Author – Reddit User Aiken

10. Adulthood is so boring.

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11. If you don’t understand mental illness then please stop making fun of it.

12. It’s the worst kind of pain known to a man, you never recover from that.

Author- Cortney O’Brien

13. That’s how life works.


14. People die, but love doesn’t.

15. Heartbreak.

The above one-line stories are collected from QuoraReddit, Six Word Story. In case if some story is used without proper credits then feel free to reach to us and we’ll give you the proper credit for your work.

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