13 Tweets about Bollywood Celebrities That Will Make You Go ROFL!

Hey folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Bollywood celebrities not only gets appreciation, they also gets trolled. Although, these trolls who tweets humorous and caustic comments, they receive a lot of criticism. On the other hand, these tweets make audiences laugh till their stomachs hurt. People have shared these trolls alot and retweeted them. That is why we have picked these tweets.However, people must understand the thin line between commenting something humorous and something offending. Sometimes, these trolls hurt the feelings of actors and family members. At the end, they are also humans like us. But, today our motive is just to provide of something entertaining. After the completion of this article, everyone of you will have a smile on your pretty faces. Sit back and Enjoy this read. We have compiled some of these hilarious tweets for you.

So, Let’s have a glance on 15 tweets which will make you go ROFL:

1. Rekha and Jaya together in one frame gets trolled.

One on One.

2. Aamir Khan’s Dangal was in glamour.

What a research! Amazing, isn’t it?

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3. Ranveer Singh’s dresses always take away the glamour.

Ranveer Singh is the sensation .LoL! for meme makers.

4. Bollywood can’t be spared!

Argh! so true.

5. Tarzan-the wonder car rewinded.


Now public needs an answer.Why?

6. Ranveer Singh again spotted!

He is Aadat se Majboor!

7. Salman Khan drive em’ crazy!

Social media is mad about Bhaijaan!

8. Raj Thackeray and Fawad Khan issues.

No comments!

9. Hai Sultan! But, Vinod kambli kyu?

What just happened?

10. Pahlaj Kahan Hai!

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11. Kangana -Hrithik and Oppo smartphone!

Was she worried about her pictures?

12. Abhi-Shake in Bollywood be like!

His pictures are going to change up soon!

13. Kuch Kuch Hota hai!

13 Tweets about Bollywood Celebrities That Will Make You Go ROFL!

Microsoft and Thanos in conversation over tweeter.:-p

Stay tuned to Humor Nation!

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