20 Most Searched Talented Adult Entertainers On The Internet Of 2017

Welcome to the Humor Nation! Today we are going to take a look at the most popular adult entertainers that rocked the Internet. There were so many to choose from we had to double our list and it required some efforts. We researched about these stars, how much views each individually got on various online sites which is the metric for their popularity, and that’s how we created this list. this list is going to feature only the female stars so if you’re looking for the male stars…then you better close this article. So anyways let’s get into it.

Let’s Take A Look At The 20 Most Searched Talented Adult Entertainers On The Internet Of 2017!

20. We gonna be starting with Dani! Within a short period of time she has gained an immense popularity on the Internet.

19. Next we have is Ava, she is a very beautiful woman. You’d be surprised to know that Miss Adams brought the charts with 19 million views.

18. Next we got is the blonde cutie Lexi. Now this girl also had 19 million views on the Internet, but is ranked higher than Ava.

17.  At number seventeen we’ve got Faye, now  I’ve never heard of this girl before. But this girl with an innocent face has a fan base.

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16. Next we’ve got Rachel. Now she has some big lips and some big, enlarged stuff.

15. Why is even Kim Kardashian on this list? But even to this very day she has received 26 million views. Seriously people what are you doing with your life.

14. Next is Lori. Fun fact about Miss Black is that she was named by loaded magazine as the most facially attractive female performer in the industry.

13. Moving down to number 13, we got August. She’s only 22, at this very young age she has made a great name for herself. She has 28 million views recorded in front of her name. 

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12. This is Christy. Now that’s a name that I’ve heard before. She dated a UFC fighter named War Machine aka Jonathan Koppenhaver who assaulted her. Miss Mack has 36 million views.

11. If you look at these girls on this list, some of them anyways are actually very real which is interesting because if you think of these stars you kind of typically think of girls with fake lips and stuff. But Dillion is as real as you can get.

10. At number 10 we have is Miss Malkova. She is very flexible and athletic. Watch Mia performances and you’ll be entertained. She has received 31 million views.

9. Next we have one of the craziest names for a performer ever Alexis, she goes by the name of Texas girl. She made her mainstream debut in the movie Bloodlust Zombies.

8. Brandi has received 33 million views on her performances.

7. At number 7 we got Nicole, with also 33 million views. She in no way is related to Jennifer Aniston.

6. At this point people are gonna recognize these girls, but coming in at number six we have… this is so surprising, it’s Miss Grey. Sasha retired, but still managed to receive 36 million views. 

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5. We have Akira at number 5 with an astounding 38 million views this year. She knows what A stands for.

4. Riley is a girl  who looks very just normal. She got 43 million views this year.

3. Mia got 49 million views even after retiring. 

2. Madison at number 2, she is one of my favorites. She’s one of the most famous female entertainers on this planet. Miss Ivy has got over 53 million views on the Internet.

1. Miss Ann at number one spot with 58 million views. Enough said.

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