26 Supernatural Facts That Even Die Hard Fans Don’t Know

26 Supernatural Facts That Even Die Hard Fans Don't Know

Soon Supernatural’s 13th season is going to air, it’s very hard to believe that this show was not originally supposed to have 13 seasons, it was written to end in season five. That sounds crazy, right? Today we will bringing to you some unknown and surprising Supernatural facts that even the die hard fans of the show don’t know.

So Let’s Take A Look At 26 Supernatural Facts That Even Die Hard Fans Don’t Know!

1. Image Jensen Ackles playing Sam Winchester. It would have been fun though.

2. What a great way of motivating Sam to go on a hunt, killing his girlfriend in a brutal fashion.

3. They made the right choice.

4. 1967 Chevrolet Impala is a total babe.

5. We can find “SUPERNATURAL” all around us.

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6. Try calling Dean Winchester on 1866-907-3235!

7. They even mentioned it in the episode “The French Mistake”.

8. Katie Cassidy really did a great job playing the character.

9. This is interesting.

10. Awesome Music! One of the reasons why I love this show so much.

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11. Would love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan return and play the character of John Winchester in Season 13.


12. He’s a brave man.

13. I didn’t know that.

14. Supernatural writers and production team surely have a good taste in music and movies.

15. Great way to promote the brand.

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16. Well it didn’t go the way they planned. Bobby’s character was very much appreciated by the fans.

17. Imagine Supernatural without Sam and Dean Winchester.

18. “How to make a living” by Sam and Dean Winchester.

19. Weird coincidence?

20. Now that’s fascinating.

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21. So the next time when you are watching Supernatural, look out for the clock.

22. I will fear no evil.

23. Dean Winchester’s birthday.

24. The legend of Sarah Winchester.

25. Some other unknown facts about the TV show Supernatural.

26. We bet you didn’t know these Supernatural facts.

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