This 3-Year-Old Boy Remembers Past Life & Identifies His Murderer!

3-year-old boy
How did a 3-year-old boy solve his own murder? In a region near the border with Syria, a boy says that he remembers being murdered.

We have heard about many mysterious cases in the past, but this something crazy. How did a 3-year-old boy solve his own murder mystery? Let’s find out.

Let’s Look At The Reincarnation Story Of This 3-Year-Old Boy.

In a region near the border with Syria known as Golan Heights, a boy says that he remembers being murdered. At first, no one believed him and that is until he led village elders to the spot where he remembers being buried. With the group of villagers and elders, there was a man named Dr. Eli Lasch, who witnessed all these things. He is known in Gaza for developing a government medical system.

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Lasch witnessed all those things as he was present there. The 3-year-old boy led all the villagers to the spot where he was buried and they found a skeleton there. Mysteriously, there was a large mark on the head of the skeleton which was same as the birthmark on the head of the boy. According to the boy, he was hit by the axe on his head which resulted in his death. He also showed them the spot where the murderer buried the axe. Sure enough, they dug up an axe.

The boy then told his name of his previous life and took all the villagers to the place where he used to live. When people of that village were asked about the person, they said that there was a man of this name who lived there, but had disappeared four years earlier and then never returned again. Remember, the boy was three years old and strangest of all, the boy told the villagers exactly who his murderer was.

When the boy confronted his killer, the man’s face turned a pale white and he started acting very suspicious. As everything told by the boy proved to be right till now, the killer admitted his crime and told everybody that he killed that man 4 years ago. He ended up being charged with the murder case. This boy has amazed everybody and scientists have started conducting new researches on the theory of reincarnation. This is truly amazing!

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