5 Amazing Fan Theories About Stranger Things Season 3

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Stranger Things season 3 will drop on the 4th of July on Netflix, which is not very far now. As the show is approaching, many fan theories are on a swing and some of them are so interesting that we really need to share it with you guys today. So tag along and know about all those fan theories now.

So take a look at the list down below and know about the 5 amazing fan theories about the Stranger Things season 3!

1. Billy will be the monster

5 Amazing Fan Theories About Stranger Things Season 3

Steve was earlier the jerk in the show and later his character only captured our hearts as his character development was so nice. But because of it, the show needed a new jerk, so then came Billy and was no less than a monster. But we’re not talking about the monster character, but the real monster. Fans said that he had a strange abrasion on his arm and what if he turns into a beast because of it. What if he’s the new monster of the show? Well, this theory can be amazing but not realistic.

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2. Dustin finds his love

5 Amazing Fan Theories About Stranger Things Season 3

All of Dustin’s friend have found their love but still, our poor Dustin is left alone with no luck. In the last season also he tried to win his love but couldn’t and in the end episode, he did not even get anyone to dance with. So this theory says that maybe in this season Dustin has some good luck in finding his love and we won’t feel bad for him anymore.

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