Here Are The 5 Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Month!

The world is moving pretty fast and so are our lives. Today everybody is a living a very fast and unhealthy life. We do not spend time in fitness or exercises, today there are millions of people across the globe who are suffering from obesity and weight gain. From medicines to costly treatments, people try everything to lose weight and to get rid of excess body fat but nothing works. First of all, medicines or other drugs can cause severe side effects to your health and they are not safe for you at all, they might help in getting rid of fat but they will not be beneficial for overall health of your body. The best way to lose weight is to exercise and doing cardio. This not only helps you to reduce your belly fat but also help your body to gain strength and to achieve overall health benefits.

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Let’s have a look at 5 exercises that can help you to lose weight faster and healthier

1. Push-ups

Many people underestimate the effectiveness of push-ups, let’s make it clear that push-ups are one of the most effective exercises to reduce fat and to increase core strength. Push-up is a multipurpose exercise that works on many areas of the upper body such as chest, stomach, shoulders and other core abs muscles. So if you have a higher amount of fat deposition in your body, then you should definitely try push-ups.


Crunches are another most important exercises that focus on your stomach and core area. Crunches are considered as the best exercise to reduce belly fat, as it focuses on the belly area and also strengthens the core. You do not have to go to the ground area to perform crunches, you can do it anywhere and with ease.

3. Skipping

Sometimes it’s not possible to go to the ground every single day for jogging or running purpose. Skipping is the best alternative to running. Before doing any exercise it’s essential to do warm up, as the warmer body responds to exercises quickly. If you don’t warm up then you can get cramps in your body. So the easiest way to reduce fat is to do skipping before exercises. And skipping if done correctly, can create a lot of sweat in your body, the more is the sweat more will be the chances to reduce weight and fat from the body. So, skipping is another key thing that yoy can do to quickly reduce your fat.

4. Running

Running is considered just like a single medicine for all your illness. Running 15-20 minutes every day can make you very fit. Running not only reduces fat fast from the body but also is a great boost for your metabolism. Running targets all the fat in the body, it increases stamina and also provides great strength to your legs. Running is the only exercise that works on upper and lower body at the same time. So this is definitely worth trying!

5. Yoga


Yoga is one of the greatest ancients Indian practices that can do wonders in terms of your health and wellness. Yoga concentrates on your breath and it provides great internal endurance and strength. 20 mins of yoga every day can help you to reduce several inches in just a short time. It’s recommended to do 10 mins of “Kapal-Bhati” and 10 mins of “Anulom-Vilom”. this will surely help you to overcome all your health related problems.

Guys! stop saying tomorrow. Just do it. Exercising will not only help you to reduce fat, but also provide you physical as well as mental fitness. Stay fit and keeping exercising on daily basis. We can assure you if you follow our article, do the exercises regularly, then within a month you’ll see the difference. Please give your views in the comments section below.

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