5 Cartoon Characters That Are Hated A lot!

Most Hated Cartoon Characters
Hello and welcome back to the Humor Nation guys and today we're talking about the most hated cartoon characters of all time.

Hello and welcome back to the Humor Nation guys and today we’re talking about the most hated cartoon characters of all time. Cartoons are supposed to be fun but some of them really make you wish the character would meet a comical sticky end. Maybe by being bashed away by some kind of cartoon frying pan or a car. Some of these cartoon characters are so annoying that they are hated by many people. These characters should be stopped airing at some point.

Take A Look At 5 Cartoon Characters That Are Hated A lot

1. Scrappy-Doo From Scooby-Doo

I’m a big dog lover but I give an absolute zero to Scrappy-Doo’s puppy power and don’t even get me started. Scrappy doo’s a low-budget catchphrase gives a headache to a huge number of people. He’s small, he’s stupid and he’s aggressive. He always gets Scooby and Shaggy into deep trouble by doing nonsense stuff all the time. Scrappy isn’t even an original member of the Scooby Gang and he was introduced 10 years after the show began and generally He’s the least liked character of Scooby gang.

2. Walt Disney Original Goofy

I know some of you are going to be shocked but goofy is a very annoying Disney character. It isn’t really Goofy’s fault though as he was created in a different time for a totally different audience. The audience at that time was way more acceptive to three-dimensional dumb characters. The actual problem with goofy is that he has absolutely no redeeming features as he’s clumsy, he’s annoying and he is an absolute dumb character.

3. Randall From Recess

Isn’t he just like a little snake? Most of the people don’t like Randall at all. He’s way worse than Miss Finster, his teacher best friend for whom he spy on the other kids. Basically, she’s kind of bad but he is the worst. Randell means to be a sneaky and two-faced guy as well as being a total sucker. He’s a fun ruiner to TJ and the gang and he always tries to do bad things for the others. He feels joy in ruining the fun of other kids of the school by telling each and everything to Miss Finster.

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4. Ned Flanders

He lives next to Homer Simpson probably can’t be easy but he’s just so self-religious which is very annoying. He’s a symbol for that neighbor next door who seems to have a really unhealthy interest in what you’re doing on your property. He represses his anger to such an extent that you’re just waiting for him to lose it but frustratingly he doesn’t. He is the most annoying and hated character among the Simpson series lovers.

5. Woody Woodpecker

He is the character having one of the most annoying and frustrating laughs among all the cartoon characters. He’s surely one of the most hated cartoon characters but it might not be his fault. His laugh really makes for an unpleasant and annoying experience for the viewers. The way he writes his name on the wooden board in the starting of every episode followed by his annoying laugh is the most annoying part of the series.

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