5 Characters Riverdale Changed For Good

3. FP Jones

He seemed a bit off in the beginning but he proved that what a good person he is. His character is really intriguing and he loves his family. He does everything he can to protect his children and the town and doesn’t care about his own life in front of others. He is a man with a golden heart.

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4. Alice

Alice’s character is fun, genuine, fierce and badass. She had a wild nature and knows what she does. In every season you get to know more about, her actions may seem a bit questionable sometimes but it is for the best because she doesn’t want anybody to get involved and hurt. She is a good mother and a perfect woman which is admirable.

5. Fred Andrews

Fred Andrews is one of the best dads any show ever had. He protects his son no matter what and ensures his safety before all. His character is full of love and kindness which everyone roots for and he is one of the few who sees the good in people no matter what and that’s why he’s everyone’s favorite.

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