5 Crazy Supernatural Theories That Weirdly Make Sense


Welcome back to Humor Nation. With 15 long seasons, Supernatural has become the longest running on the CW Network. The first season of the show aired on the WB Network at a time when it felt like this dark fantasy drama won’t see the light of second season. The concept of the show was completely original and unusual, two brothers who hunt all sorts of paranormal hauntings and monsters. Over the time, the show expanded its universe to include angels, demons, god, darkness, and lot more. The fandom of this show is extremely passionate who are pretty vocal about their opinions. This fan community is pretty creative too, coming up with entertaining memes, artwork, and captivating fanfiction. But sometimes, these fans could go overboard with their imagination. The fans have come up with some pretty interesting Supernatural theories, while some do make sense, some are downright crazy. We have compiled a list of some of the crazy fan theories of the show.

So Take a Look At 5 Crazy Supernatural Theories That Weirdly Make Sense


5 Crazy Supernatural Theories That Weirdly Make Sense

When it comes to romantic relationships, the Winchesters have the worst luck. The women who dated Sam Winchester often encountered tragic fates whereas Dean always stayed away from serious relationships. Sam Winchester’s first girlfriend Jessica Moore ended up dying at the hands of a demon. Another girl named Sarah Blake who Sam first encountered in Season 1 also met an unfortunate fate in Season 8 when she died at the hands of Crowley. So you now have a pretty good idea about the women in Sam’s life. But there’s one major exception, it’s Amelia whom Sam dated in Season 8 after Dean vanished in the Purgatory.


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There’s a theory on the internet that Sam’s relationship with Amelia was actually a figment of Sam’s imagination. If you think about it, the entire thing just sounds too good to be true. Sam and Amelia have plenty in common, they both lost someone and tried running away from it. Not only is the timing pretty fishy, but the fact that Sam took the dog to the Vet who was staying at same motel as Sam. Another hint is the scenes that involved Amelia looked too bright and dreamlike. The logical explanation could be that Sam lost his brother Dean Winchester and it was his weird mechanism to deal with the loss by imagining a fictional girl named Amelia.


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