5 Famous Indian Songs That People All Around The World Enjoy Listening

Welcome to Humor Nation. Indian music is consist of different types of traditions and you can see as well as feel multiple varieties of languages in a single song and it consists of full traditions and rituals that’s why such songs are not only famous in India only as well as in the world.

So here are some world famous Indian Songs that people all around the world enjoy listening!!

1. Ichak Dana Bichak Dana

This song is of black and white movie Shree 420 and was released in 1955 and Raj Kapoor and Nargis were in the lead role in this movie and the song was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh.

Raj Kapoor was famous not only in Indian as well as in the world too. He had long die heart fan followers in Russia, soviet union, Romania as well as Izrail too.

5 Famous Indian Songs That People All Around The World Enjoy Listening

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2. Mundiya Tu Bachke Rahi

Mundiya Tu bach ke Rahi is a Punjabi bhangra song sung by Panjabi MC and was released in 1997 in Birmingham, United Kingdom and was released in 2002 as a single and it achieved worldwide success.

This song was also in the top chart of world 20 songs list and also it sold 10 million copies worldwide. In Italy and Belgium, this song was in the top list while it achieves the second position in Germany.

5 Famous Indian Songs That People All Around The World Enjoy Listening

3. I am a Disco Dancer

I am a Disco Dancer song is of movie Disco Dancer released in 1982 and Mithun Chakraborty was in lead role in this movie. The songs of this movie become very popular and the movie was also a worldwide success.

Disco Dancer was the first Indian movie to gross 100 crores worldwide. This movie was famous not only in India as well as in the world because of Mithun popularity and also achieved a gold award in China.

4. Lolly Pop

Lolly Pop Lagelu is a Bhojpuri song sung by Pawan Singh and lyrics of the song was written by Zahid Akhtar. This song gains international popularity and became famous worldwide and also sung by many internationally famous singers.

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5. Tunak Tunak Tun

Tunak Tunak Tun is a Punjabi song sung by Daler Mehndi, released in 1988. This song becomes very popular in India and gains international popularity worldwide and becomes most famous in Germany, Korea, and Kanada.

5 Famous Indian Songs That People All Around The World Enjoy Listening

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