5 Greatest UFC Fighters Of All Time!

UFC is the biggest MMA promotion and organization in the world. Over the 20 years existence of this biggest promotion, UFC has seen more than hundreds of fighters coming from small promotions, coming from different countries and continents, making the long walk from locker room to the Octagon. Many of these fighters had to make a long journey, facing many struggles before making their debut in the Octagon. Some of these fighters who fought in the UFC octagon couldn’t mesmerize the audiences and the promotion, couldn’t survive the tough competition. While some survived and thrived in the UFC, made a name for themselves. But when you talk about the “best fighters” there’s a circle reserved only for the best ever to put on the UFC gloves and step into the Octagon. And surely picking up 10 greatest fighters isn’t an easy task.


It takes years of training and a great courage to step into the Octagon and fight someone. Ladies and gentlemen! This is as real as it gets, the most brutal combat sport that you will ever see. So I respect every mixed martial artist who fought in the UFC. With that being said, however there are some fighters who were able to make a great impact and achieved remarkable achievements in only a few fights like Brock Lesnar while there are others like Uriah Faber who were in the promotion for a long time and still managed to make an impact without winning any championships.

Note: In this list we are only going to focus on the MMA fighters who competed in the UFC for more than just one tournament or fight.

So let’s take a look at 5 Greatest UFC Fighters Of All Time!

1. Anderson Silva

Although you can argue why not put Georges St-Pierre at this spot. But when it comes to Anderson, hands down he’s the greatest of all time. Watching Anderson Silva in the Octagon was entertaining, his technique and striking were simply perfect. Anderson Silva in his prime was untouchable, he would play with his opponents and make them look silly like a master fighting an amateur. He revolutionized the MMA, he took it to the next level, he fought legends like Vitor Belfort, Dan Handerson, Forest Griffin, Channel Sonnen and defeated them. He’s undoubtedly the greatest Middleweight champion of all time, his knockout of Vitor was simply sensational.

2. Georges St-Pierre


Georges St-Pierre is one of the greatest martial artists to ever step in the UFC Octagon. The reason he remained on the top for so long because he has the right mindset, brilliant technique, and exceptional willpower. It is evident from the fact that St-Pierre has beaten every fighter that stepped into the Octagon with him. In his time, he dominated the welterweight division, he made his competition look so ordinary. It was his consistency that made him one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time.

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3. Jon Jones

Jon Jones won the UFC light heavyweight championship at the age of 23, he holds the record of becoming the youngest UFC champion ever, he has the most title defenses, victories, longest win streak in his division and he has defeated 5 former UFC champions. Many fight magazines have ranked him as the number 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Jon Jones is legitimately never defeated by anyone in the Octagon. However controversies in and out of the ring have overshadowed his prestigious career, but he’s still in his prime. He possesses the skills to become the greatest ever.

4. BJ Penn

BJ Penn might have the greatest of all time, he competed in the Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, and Middleweight UFC divisions. Penn is considered to be the greatest lightweight fighter in the company’s history. Anderson Silva called BJ Penn  the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the history of MMA. He is one of the three men to win the UFC titles in different weight divisons.

5. Conor McGregor

Now before some of you start bashing me and say why is Conor even on the list? Well he’s the only fighter in the history of UFC to hold two two different weight divisions title belts simultaneously. Conor knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds who was undefeated in 18 fights. Conor has fought in the featherweight, lightweight, welterweight weight divisions. He is undoubtedly the biggest box-office draw and attraction in the history of UFC.


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