5 New Questions That Arise After Stranger Things Season 3

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Stranger Things 3 had hit the screen on Netflix on 4th of July and fans went all crazy after watching it. Many questions that arose about the mind flayer were finally resolved and now some questions have arrived into the minds of the viewers after watching the complete third season. Many viewers also stated that this season was the best ever season of Stranger Things. Let’s keep that apart for now and let’s see which new questions have raised after Stranger Things 3.

So here are the 5 new questions that arise after Stranger Things season 3!

1. What will happen to the Hawkins now?

5 New Questions That Arises After Stranger Things Season 3

At the beginning of Stranger Things 3, the town was completely changed as the Starcourt mall opened and the businesses were closing and facing loss because of it. People were protesting outside Mayor Kline’s office because of the Starcourt mall. But after the Mind Flayer battle at the Starcourt, it is nothing but a wasteland now. So what will happen to the town now? Will it rebuild itself?

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2. How is there a new Demogorgon?

5 New Questions That Arises After Stranger Things Season 3

Many new things were introduced in this season, like the whole Russian army who desperately wanted to open the gate. While in the end, everyone closed the gate but in the post-credit scene, we saw that the Russians have a Demogorgon with them which was really very shocking. It was a complete game changer.

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