5 People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

Welcome to Humor Nation. We all are born with two hands, two limbs, one heart, and a body physiology which is similar to all humans. But today we will be presenting to you some people who were born with unusual body parts.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

1. George Lippert – Three Legs And Two Hearts

5 People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

George Lippert, the kid who was born with three legs and two hearts in the country of Germany in 1844. It’s amazing that his extra limb was developed fully and was fully functional until George suffered a fracture. Despite being born with such freakiness, George Lippert used this deformity to make a living and live his life to the fullest. He became a central attraction and worked for 50 years with famous showmen like PT Barnum. George later faced competition from an Italian by the name of Frank Lentini. As a result it became hard for him to make a living, he was homeless when he came across a florist named Mary Riggs. They lived happily for 7 years in Salmen before Lippert died of tuberculosis.

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2. Jasmine Tridevil AKA Alisha Hessler – Woman With Three Breasts

5 People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

She is a massage therapist who hails from Florida. She has recently undergone an expensive $20,000 surgery in order to an extra nip. Ever since the surgery, she has actively sharing videos and pictures of her new unique enhancement cleavage on the social media. She went a step further and has created a fan page for herself. Jasmine says that she underwent surgery not to appear attractive, but to get a physique that would put a stop to her dating days. However, it is yet to be known whether her story is true of an internet hoax. Jasmine has refused to disclose the name of the doctor who performed the surgery, under the excuse of signed confidentiality.

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