5 People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

3. Deepak Paswan – Boy With Extra Limbs

When Deepak Paswan was born in Bihar, many people of his community believed that the child was an incarnation of Vishnu because the child has four legs and four arms with one head. While many people who were from the religious community adored him, but others looked at him freak. Through science and doctors, the family came to know that the boy was born with a conjoined parasite twin to his stomach. A medical center in Bangalore helped Deepak and his family by performing the surgery for free. The boy now can live a normal life.

4. Huikang – Boy With Two Faces

when Yi Lianxi gave birth to her son Huikang, the medical staff stopped her from seeing the kid. When she finally saw the face of her kid, she was terrified. The boy was born with a deformity called the transverse facial cleft because of which it looked like he was wearing a mask. The family later realized that it would take around $100,000 to treat the deformed cleft and to give a normal life to the kid.

5. Abigail Lauren Hensel And Brittany Lee Hensel – Two People In One

TLC launched a reality show for the girls Abigail Lauren Hensel And Brittany Lee Hensel. They were born March 7, 1990, they are the Stars of Abby and Brittany. are not the regular pair of starlets, they are the dicephalic parapagus twins. Even thought the girls are conjoined twins, their bodies are joined up, and the organs inside are doubled up. Each of the girl has her own stomach and spine. It’s a challenge to coordinate their whole body when performing a single activity.

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