5 Gurmeet Ram Rahim Films That You Should Watch Only If You’re Crazy!

It’s shocking that a man who was marked by so much controversy and crime was regarded as a demigod in India. We live in a country where individuals irrespective of their flaws, convicted of a heinous crime such as rape can and will be supported by lakhs of people. Gurmeet Ram Rahim, an Indian guru, singer, dancer, actor, song writer, director, and a fashion icon diverted all the attention from his controversies by releasing five movies in a span of three years and tried to reinvent his public image. Gurmeet Ram Rahim was respected and worshiped so much that every individual was literally scared of reviewing his films, expecting backlash or death threats. So today Humor Nation will be reviewing these masterpieces of Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Ram Rahim Films That You Should Watch Only If You’re Crazy!

1. MSG: The Messenger (2015)

5 Gurmeet Ram Rahim Films That You Should Watch Only If You're Crazy!

In the first of many films, Gurmeet Ram Rahim plays the role of GURU JI! Now that’s a role that he has no experience of playing..like ever before. The entire film is a propaganda to showcase that the man can do no wrong and has a following that blind worships him. Wearing stupid clothes that makes no sense. Some reviews said that the film was so excruciating that it shouldn’t be considered a film at all, it’s a pure torture.

2. MSG2 The Messenger (2015)

Majority of the times the creators take some time to come up with a sequel, with a new story, plot, and characters, something refreshing. But Gurmeet Ram Rahim doesn’t believe that, he directed, edited, wrote, acted in the film, he basically did everything, and released the sequel in the same year. In this film Guru ji saves a tribe from a danger (besides himself). The worst CGI possible and physics defying stunts because this man can’t do anything for real.

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3. MSG: The Warrior Lion Heart (2016)

In the next year, Gurmeet Ram Rahim decided to do something different, play a different character to explore his acting skills. He appeared in this film as Lion Heart, he of course wrote, directed, and acted in the film. Guru ji fighting aliens and being the last hope to save humanity LOL


4. Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab: MSG Lion Heart 2 (2016)

This was Ram Rahim’s attempt to make the film relevant to the political climate and the film is based on the 2016 Uri attack and the 2016 Indian military confrontation. Pakistan conspiring against India and Ram Rahim is the only one who can save the nation now. He’s riding a motorcycle which can also function as a flying jet, he is flying an airplane with PS4 remote controller…I can go on and on..this film is a nightmare.

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5. Jattu Engineer (2017)

The story of the film revolves around a undeveloped village which is stuck by poverty, drug abuse, unemployment, and how a teacher changes the fate of the village through his relentless efforts. Ram Rahim tries to improve the standard of living of the village through his hard work.

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