5 Reasons Why Jab Harry Met Sejal Flopped At The Box Office!

Jab Harry met Sejal left everyone disappointed.
2017 is quite the underwhelming and disappointing year for Bollywood. Jab Harry met Sejal was another film that left everyone disappointed.

2017 has been quite the underwhelming and disappointing year for Bollywood. The majority of the films did either average or horrible business at the box office. Even the Khans with the stardom couldn’t manage to make blockbusters this year. Jab Harry Met Sejal was another film that left everyone disappointed. Today we are discussing the reasons why this movie didn’t work well at the box office?

Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Jab Harry Met Sejal Flopped At The Box Office

1. Same Pattern Of Self-Discovery

Imtiaz Ali is known to make movies that make us question everything around our life. It’s purpose and the journey of self-discovery, he successfully did it with movies such as Highway and Rockstar but failed miserably to make audiences introspect about life in any shape and form with Jab Harry Met Sejal. The layered aspect of searching for something more than a material possession is evident in the film. But, it didn’t work well and it just seems like a tour of Europe with two good-looking people.

2. Badly Written Characters

One of the biggest demerits of the movie is the badly written lead characters in the film. We see Anushka Sharma tried her very best. Sejal is confused and is seeking for something that she herself is unaware of. This aspect rather than makes us focus towards the character, evidentely leaves us fed up and annoyed at her indecisiveness and complete lack of empathy. Even though Anushka Sharma’s effort is commendable, the character is so immature that you seem to eventually not care at all for her. Jab Harry Met Sejal is surely lacking something special.

3. Unimpressive Music

Imtiaz Ali has never disappointed with music in his films. Be it ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho’ in Tamasha, ‘Sadda Haq’ in Rockstar or ‘Aaoge Jab Tum’ in Jab we Met. Music in Imtiaz Ali’s films has either made us dance or pierced our hearts. But the music is sadly extremely average in Jab Harry Met Sejal. Music that has not become anthems or caught on any social media forums. The only takeaway seems to be a collaboration which shouldn’t be a highlight of a Bollywood movie.

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4. Boring Second Half

Jab Harry Met Sejal definitely breaks your heart though it doesn’t do so for the right reasons. It’s not because of the emotionally powerful acting by the leads but it’s because of the way they build up the film. As the interaction is slowly blossoming between the leads back-and-forth takes place, you seem to enjoy the journey. Seeing the helpless, frustrated and still caring Harry deal with all of the Sejal’s problems. But, the film with this continent to continent traveling makes the movie so labored and exhausted that you eventually just wanted it to end.

5. No Story Line

One of the biggest problems with the film is that it simply has no story. The character literally is searching on the streets and restaurants of Europe for the ring and we are supposed to follow them on this unending trip. The movie to compensate, add subplots like a best friend’s wedding so that they can do some Bhangda. An illegal immigrant criminal who somehow gets involved in this journey to find the ring. It’s definitely one of Imtiaz Ali’s least impressive films. There seemed to be no effort to try to come up with a plot in itself.

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