5 Reasons Why We Madly Love SUPERNATURAL!


Supernatural (2005-) is an American fantasy horror television series created by Eric Kripke. The show was broadcast first on Warner Bros in 2005, then it became part of CW. The show is airing its twelfth season currently, with over 254 episodes under its belt, the show is really doing great, it continues to garner good ratings and entertain the audience. CW has renewed Supernatural for a thirteenth season which will air in 2017.  You won’t believe this, but this amazing show was meant to be only  five seasons long, but because of the love, amazing response the show received from the fans, it continued. Supernatural is not just a show, it’s an expression of love, friendship, pain, tragedy, and emotions.

The series creator Eric Kripke has always been fascinated with the urban legends, supernatural stuff, ever since he was a child. It took him nearly ten years to develop the concept for the show, earlier he had envisioned the idea as a movie, but the concept evolved into a TV series. The original idea was the show being about a tabloid reporter driving in a van around the country in search of the truth and fighting the supernatural demons and stuff. The reason Eric wanted the series to be a road trip series because he believed it was the best way to tell these stories in their purest and American form.  These supernatural legends exist in many small towns all across the country, so it would make sense to drive to the place and discover the truth.


Eric Kripke changed the idea of the show from tabloid reporters to the characters being brothers. The reason he chose the brothers belonging to Lawrence, Kansas is because the state is close to Stull Cemetery, a location  which has dubious reputation due to urban legends. The show centers around two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, they both are hunters, they travel around the country and hunt ghosts, monsters, demons, and all sorts of supernatural stuff. The boys were raised by their father, John Winchester, after their mother was murdered brutally by a demon when they were young. If you’re a fan of horror, mystery, thriller, action, comedy, then you should definitely watch Supernatural. Supernatural has gained a cult status, it has a dedicated fan base.

So Here Are 5 Reasons Why We Love SUPERNATURAL!

1. The Fandom!

5 Reasons Why We Madly Love SUPERNATURAL!

The show has gained a cult status, this series has a dedicated fan base. Supernatural has arguably the best fandom, the fans of the show are very active on the internet, they write fan fiction stories ranging from Destiel to Wincest. Even the show has referenced this numerous times in the series, the fifth episode “Fan Fiction” of season 10 makes references to Sastiel, Destiel, and Wincest. Supernatural fandom has taken over the tumblr. From hilarious, sarcastic to deep emotional, touching posts, Supernatural fandom has a GIF  for everything. The show definitely has a very loving, amazing and talent community.

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