5 Richest Religious Organizations In The World

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The people who believe in God think that their soul is safe with them and some kind of positive energy is always surrounding them. So in this way to celebrate the spirit of positivity and hope by any religion, a religious organization gets formed and these are funded by none other than its followers. But you’ll be shocked to know that how rich are some of these religious organization, so let’s start and discuss it more.

So here those five richest religious organizations in the world that you never knew about!

5. Church of Scientology

5 Richest Religious Organizations In The World

L.Ron Hubbard incorporated the first Scientology church in the year 1953 in Camden, New Jersey and by this time the Hubbard Association Scientologists had already been operating for a year and Hubbard himself had been selling Scientology books. In 1953 Hubbard told the religious nature of Scientology and stressed its relation to Dharma and opened the first Church of Scientology in Los Angeles. The net worth of this Church is around $1 billion and even Tom Cruise is a member of this Church and donates in it.

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4. Church Of England

 This Church’s earliest origins date back to the Roman Catholic Church’s influence in Europe during the 2nd century, but its original formation is said to be started by King Henry VIII during the 16th century. Today this church holds many customs of Roman Catholicism and the net worth of this church is $7.8 billion.

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