5 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call!

Scary phone numbers
Just like in horror movies, there's always creepy phone numbers that are cursed and you're not supposed to call it.

Hey, welcome back to the Humor Nation guys. This is going to be a little bit of a creepy thing to read. Just like in horror movies, there’s always a creepy phone number that’s cursed and you’re not supposed to call it. Otherwise, something terrible will happen. Sometimes, that appears to happen in the real world too and people out there have some pretty scary stories about phone numbers that you shouldn’t call.

Let’s Take A Look At 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

1. Sadako’s Number

In Japan, many people believe that a number 09044444444 is a sinister number that you should never call in any circumstances. In Japanese, the number four sounds a lot like the word for death. So, the number itself is pretty scary and it gets even worse if you call it. Apparently, you will hear a strange creepy noise and then die within one week from a freak accident. It’s basically like the phone version of the Ring.

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2. The Red Numbers

Now, this one originates from Nigeria back in July 2004. Emails started spreading around the country at this time warning people to not call or answer anything from these numbers. They would apparently appear on the phone in bright red color when your phone rang. Now, if you did take the call, people claimed that a high-frequency sound will blast out the phone and cause hearing loss and even brain hemorrhaging which killed people. At the time, the biggest Nigerian cell network in the country put out a statement saying the deaths weren’t real. But, some people out there still swear that the numbers and the noise coming from them were 100% real.

3. 10 Million

There has been a legend spreading around Asia for a number of years now. If you call the number 10 million, a male voice will answer the call. He will instantly tell you that if you do not call 15 people and tell them to call this number, you will die very quickly. Apparently, that’s how the knowledge of the number has spread so rapidly around the world. Even in Western countries, I found stories online about people getting calls from this number.

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4. Susie’s Dying

This was really creepy and it’s an old one that dates back to the 1970’s in the UK. Now, back then there were paid phone boxes everywhere in the street and there was a strange number that could be called inside of them for free. When it was answered, a woman’s voice would reply and say in a very monotonous tone ‘Help me help me Susie’s dying’. She would say that over and over again on repeat. Now, sometimes it would change to ‘Help me help me Suzy’s drowning’ which was equally creepy. A lot of people calling this number back then were kids who now are adults. They are struggling to remember the exact number but I heard that 20202020 was the one that apparently worked.

5. Call Carrie

In 2013, the horror movie Carrie was released. At the end of the movie, a number appeared on the screen for people to call and the number was 12074042604 which said call Carrie. Carrie was the scary girl from the movie. Now, when you call it, it would hang up instantly but then a different number would start calling you. I’ve heard different mixed reports about whether the number is actually still up today or not. But, there are actually a few YouTube videos you can go and watch right now of people calling the number themselves.

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