5 Amazing Teens That Actually Exist And Will Surprise You

Hello guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. Teenagehood is a very difficult and challenging phase of a child’s life. It is equally challenging and tough for the parents who have the responsibility of raising a teenager in today’s world. This growth phase of a child’s life is an experimental phase, the kid may end up doing things or going beyond the parameters of what his parents expect from him. If you have been through the ‘teens’ phase then you exactly know what I am talking about.

With this being said prepare because here are five teens you won’t believe actually exist!

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5 Amazing Teens That Actually Exist And Will Surprise You

Georgia Rankin is fifteen years old girl who resembles to a toddler. The reason behind Georgia’s toddler appearance is because of the rare condition called skeletal dysplasia which she has. Skeletal Dysplasia is a form of dwarfism for which the science and doctors have not figured out a cure yet. Georgia’s height is only two feet and eight inches, people can’t imagine how hard it must be for her. But Georgia believes in living her life like a normal kid, she goes to school like other children, she has friends, she’s really strong.


Fu Wengui, a 15-year old Chinese boy who suffers from a extremely rare condition called congenital scoliosis which results in an unusual development of the spine. The condition has caused Wengui to have10 vertebrae on his neck while the normal people have seven. The disorder has made his life very difficult, he has to go through excruciating pain everyday.

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Meet the ‘Electric Boy‘ Deepak from Haryana, India. Deepak has a bizarre talent of passing electric current through his body. Once when he was repairing his mom’s electric heater, he accidentally touched a live wire in which the current was flowing, but not a scratch on him. Deepak once climbed on an electric pole in which 11,000 Volts current was flowing, he touched the high voltage live current wires, but nothing happened to him.



Julia Vins is a 18-year old girl from Russia, with a face of a Barbie doll and with a body of Hulk. When she was growing up, people would call her a Barbie doll because of her pretty face. She felt like she had no purpose, she would always be that Barbie doll for everyone. Julia found her calling, she discovered her life’s purpose in weightlifting and bodybuilding. The girl can dead lift 400-pound weight and she holds the title of the world power lifting.


Marni Harvey is a 17-year old teenage girl from the United Kingdom, she has a condition that has puzzled the doctors all over the world. Marnie has an extremely rare condition that causes her to bleed from her eyes, nose, ears, scalp, and the condition even makes her bleed from her nails. UK Doctors have dubbed her as the mystery girl because of her rare condition that no one has been able to determine the cause and cure.

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