5 Things That Happen During Every Engineering Viva, This Is Hilarious!

Engineers are known to be the people who don't like easy tasks and everything they do turns out to be a blunder.

Engineers are known to be the people who don’t like easy tasks and everything they do turns out to be a blunder. The life of an engineering student is full of drama, mysteries, tensions and ultimately, unlimited fun. Every engineering student faces a lot of difficulties during his engineering and most of the difficulty comes during exams and vivas. Almost every student has weird reactions on his face during exams and all he’s left with are the prayers and blessings of God. Just like exams, Engineering Viva is also full of tensions and drama where nobody has clue about the questions that will be asked by the external faculties. Students try everything to get clue of the questions that are likely to be asked in the viva by the external faculty, but the only answer they get from the faculty is “We don’t have any idea because external will ask questions”.

Every engineering student fears a lot during the viva because the viva marks play an important role in the overall G.P.A of students. In spite of all the tensions of viva, there are many funny incidents that happen during every engineering viva that left everyone into splits.Today we’ll look at some of the funny facts about the vivas that every engineering student can relate to.

1. No Idea About Engineering Viva Questions, But Marks Are Important.

Engineering students are the people who never give up, they always try to answer every question that is being asked to them and their answers are enough to make the externals to forget their concepts.

2. That Moment When External Asks You Whether Your colleague Is Right Or Wrong?

This usually happens a lot during engineering vivas where you are asked to judge the answer given by the student sitting next to you, your answer is basically based on the level of intelligence of that student because you have no clue again.

3. When Tea And Samosas Come For The External Faculty.

This situation is both good and bad for you, the bad part is that you have to watch the external while having tea and samosas, and the good part is that there is a good chance of getting high marks from the external after having snacks.

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4. When You Try To Hide Your Incomplete File.

The first thing that the external ask when you first enter inside is your file and the fear of getting caught with the incomplete file is known to every engineering student. At that time, all you do is to mix-up all the files to escape.

5. That Celebrity Feeling When You Come Out After Viva.

When you come out after the viva and every student starts asking you about the questions that were asked in the viva. The joy of saying “Kuch Nahi Easy Hai Sab” is just out of this world.

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