5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Asur

3. The Dummy Skeleton

5 Things That You Didn't Know About Asur

In the first episode we see Dhananjay, a senior forensic expert performing an autopsy on a burnt body. An interesting fact is that a skeleton dummy was used in place of the body. And there was actual human skin which was used on the skeleton dummy. Arshad Warsi revealed in an interview that it made him really uncomfortable.

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2. The Tattoo

5 Things That You Didn't Know About Asur

In Asur, a tattoo can be noticed on the neck of the killer when we are shown the footage sent to DJ. When Nikhil looks at the tattoo, he tells that this tattoo is the symbol of the Nagaland’s Chang Tribe. Apart from the tattoo, no other reference is made to the tribe. But mentioning the Chang Tribe is significant because they were known for the practice of headhunting in the pre-British era. The person who hunted the maximum number of heads was given the position of Chief. Even though the tradition of headhunting no longer exist, but the mentioning of tattoo could mean that the killer is a modern day hunter who still believes in the practice.

1. The Mask

In the show we are continuously shown a mask. There is a significant reason behind its appearance on the show. The mask shown is a Barong mask which comes from the Balinese Hindu tradition. It is written that the mask serves as a medium for the ancestral spirits to reside or visit the physical world. So Spirits can be summoned by wearing the mask and performing a ritual, the spirit would possess the body of the person wearing the mask. Asur also used this detail in a different way where every murder was committed while wearing this mask and then it was left alongside the body.

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