5 Things That You Should Never Ever Google!

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What is the sickest thing you’ve ever seen on the Internet? Most of us use Google to navigate to the solutions of our everyday life problems.

Whenever an important question pops in our head like what time is it in Japan right now for or what happens when you put various objects in a microwave? We turn to our beloved friend, the all knowing Google, but there are some things lingering in the dark corners of the Internet that we should never ever search for. There is something so disturbing so difficult to erase from our memories once you’ve seen them that we just want to claw our eyes out. So here are the very best or should we say the very worst, be aware these are definitely not for the weak! Here are the things you should never Google!

So let’s take a look at 5 Things That You Should Never Ever Google!

5. The Clock Spider

A series of pictures were passed around certain forms in the past. The first picture shows a normal wall clock with some things poking out the side, in the next picture the photographer took the clock off the wall and it was shown that the things were the tips of spiders’ legs and the spider was about the size of a clock which must have been covering its entire body. It’s not quite certain whether or not it’s real or not, but it seems to be possible. I know there is a spider out there as big as a dinner plate called the huntsman spider number.

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4. Coconut Crab

You like crab, it doesn’t sound too bad right? Wrong! This clawed coconut crushing crustacean will haunt your dreams forever. Although I will admit it before doing this video I had reoccurring dreams over the course of four hours waking up about five times of Michael Myers in my house and in my dream he was an expert knife thrower he killed me from across the street from my bedroom window. More like Michael Ninja Myers.

3. Your Symptoms

One thing that you should never google because it is true your symptoms if you think you are seriously ill you should just go see a doctor. Just try to tell Google you have a headache in a certain spot or that your chest hurts or maybe you have these marks on your skin, it’ll just tell you that you’re going to die of a disease or cancer. It’s not really helpful nor comforting Google will always say you’re going to die.

2. 2 Kids 1 Sandbox

From the thought of this you might relate it to kids having fun and enjoying themselves inside a sandbox. The fact is the phrase “kids in the sandbox” is just a cover up for a sexul and very explicit video site. This is going to shock you and scare you at the same time. The search will lead to a site where a woman is playing with a replica of a man’s Johnson then out of nowhere the woman pins it to the man’s Johnson. This site should never be watched by anybody no matter what their age is, as it is disgusting and inhumane.

1. Nikki Catsouras

This is about an accident that happened in October of the 18 years old girl who was staying in the Lake Forest of California. She lost control over her father’s vehicle and an accident occurred, her name was Nikki Catsouras. Both the car and driver were injured severely, the accident was so disturbing that even the parents were not called to view the body. But two of the officers who were on the California Highway Patrol during that day took pictures of the incidents and shared it online. The parents tried to get rid of the pictures but their efforts were of no use.

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