5 Times Game Of Thrones Took Our Breath Away.

To say that Game of Thrones is a unique television series feels like a gross understatement. And if you are a die-hard fan then you must have noticed even the tiniest of details. From the death of Jon Snow to the resurrection of him, the change in his attitude was something only a true fan could sense. But the show is more than just dragons and wars or lust and love, the show has also given us many breathtaking shocks that was pretty much unbearable at first.


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So let’s take a look at Here are 5 most shocking and breath taking things that have happened in the show until now!

1. Death Of Ned Stark!

Violence and seexual abuse may be expected on Game of Thrones, but killing off the series’ central hero in the first season is a game-changer that no one saw coming. The death of Ned stark in the Episode 9 of Season 1 left many fans hanging dry. Ned who is also known as Eddard Stark or The Lord of the Winterfells was a man of honour every fan somewhere believed that he would end up sitting on the “Iron Throne” but that was not what George R.R Martin had in his mind.

In the episode “Ned Stark came to know about the ugly truth of Jamie and Cersei while Cersei warns Ned Stark to keep his mouth shut or he will have to suffer serious consequences. Following, Cersei convinces Ned Stark to accept false confession of planning to murder King Joffery in front of the whole King’s Landing which leads to the execution of Ned Stark.” Fans expressed their lamentation through social media and YouTube. This episode gave a fair sense to the world that there is much more shocking and heartbreaking things to come in further seasons.

To see how fans reacted to the execution of Eddard Stark aka Ned Stark follow this YouTube link!

2. The Red Wedding

“The Red Wedding” or “Rains of Castamere” was the most heartbreaking and traumatic episode any television series has ever witnessed. The episode made fans ‘sickened’ worldwide, too much bloodshed that even the greatest of critics had to accept that it was one of the most gruesome scenes. Furthermore the scene has left viewers, who pay to subscribe to the cable and satellite channel, not only sickened by it’s bloody nature but surprised as it has drifted from the George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords, which the third of the seven planned books in the Game of Thrones series.

In the penultimate episode of season- three ‘Rain of Castamere’ the betrayal and murder of Eddard’s heir, Robb, along with his pregnant wife and his mother, Catelyn, ends one of the series’ many plotlines with abrupt, thudding finality. And their deaths come at a moment that should be triumphant, during Catelyn’s brother’s wedding, which is supposedly sealing a much-needed alliance between the Starks and the Frey family. Instead, the Freys violate their oaths of hospitality and slaughter the Starks and hundreds of their soldiers and followers.

To see how fans reacted to the Red Wedding follow this YouTube link-

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3. The Mountain and The Viper

Today is not the day I die- Prince Oberyn Martell said the day he died. Prince Oberyn Martell played by Pedro Pascal instantly became one of the favourite characters in Game of Thrones. His wit and confidence were the main source that got the attention of so many fans and viewers. In the trial of Tyrion Lannister, Tyrion demands for “The trial by combat” and no one agrees to vouch for Tyrion but Oberyn. In the fight sequence Prince Oberyn Martell fights against the undefeated Mountain and leads the combat by his sheer fighting skills but that’s not where it ends.

What happens next can make you sick for days. The shocking and the gruesome death of Prince Martell left the whole internet in awe and discomfort. Twitter as well as Facebook everywhere fans were continuously pouring their heart out. The death scene of Prince Martell was so horrific that even the end credits of the episode “The Mountain vs. The Viper” (S04E08) were nothing but a black background screen specifically so you can see the look of horror on your face reflected in the black screen of your television.

4. Assassination of Jon Snow

When one is asked to think of an unbiased and the most deserving person to sit on the Iron Throne the only name one can think of is Jon Snow. Jon Snow the solemn and the modest young lad is also the favourite of majority of GOT lovers. The Lord Commander of Night’s Watch aka Jon Snow has been winning hearts of his viewers since the first day of the show. But, the assassination of him by his own Night’s Watch Brothers caused the wave of gut-wrenching reactions over the internet. This is how internet reacted on the emotional and the heartbreaking assassination of Jon Snow.

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5. Hold the door.. hold the do… ho the do…. ho dor… hodor…

Ever since the Game of Thrones first aired on television and the first book of “A song of ice and fire” were released the viewers as well as the readers were pretty much sceptical about the character Hodor. Many fans over the years had been explaining the meaning of Hodor but none of them were even close to what it turns out to be in the Season six. In the Episode five of Season six the show finally reveals the mystery behind the word “Hodor”. But, the unpredictable twist of Hodor also brought the death of him which left the fans all over the world mourning for a long time.

In the episode, Hodor dies protecting Bran Stark. Hodor’s tragic death — holding a door to keep a horde of undead Wights away — came mere moments after we learned that Bran was somehow responsible for damaging Hodor’s mind and leaving him incapable of saying anything other than “Hodor,” as a result of Bran’s ability to visit the past. The mysterious Hodor no doubt was also the most gentle and the sweetest character. While the fans globally lamented our Bollywood celebrities also expressed their grievance on social media sites like Twitter.

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