5 Women In History Who Pretended To Be Men

Welcome Back to Humor Nation. Someone said that who run the world grows. In the early time, things were not easy for females and they didn’t get equal respect as men. It takes a long time for women to succeed in the same industry as men. People of the early time things that women are made only to work inside the house and they didn’t want them to work in a field and even females didn’t get a chance to study in the same colleges as men and in fact, women were not allowed to take part in same sports as men.

So here are some interesting fact about women why they pretended themselves as men!!

1. Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte was an English novelist and author of the 1840s. She was the elder one among three sisters. At that time women, authors didn’t get equal respect as a male author and they didn’t get any appreciation for there work. After the first rejection of her novel, she tries to use male-pennames and then she started using a male pseudonym when she published her and her sister’s poem.

5 Women In History Who Pretended To Be Men

2. Elisa Servenius

Elisa Servenius was also known as Johanna Servenius. she was a maid and when she met Bernard Servenius during his regiment they fell in love and were married and when the regiment left for the war she disguised herself as a man and enlisted herself as a soldier in the army because she wanted to live and be around with his husband together. She was served in the Swedish army and dressed as a man in the Finnish war between Sweden and Russia (1808-1809).

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3. Hannah Snell

Hannah Snell was born in England in 1723 and from her childhood only she likes to play as a soldier. Later in 1744, she married James Summes and she had a daughter with him who died a year later and his husband abandoned her while she was pregnant with his child. She named herself as bob origin so that she could fight and after the death of her daughter she joined the army as a man without revealing her gender. Later in 1750, she revealed her real identity to her shipmates.

4. Rena Kanokogi

Rena Kanokogi disguised herself as a male because she wants to play judo but was barred because she was a woman. Later in 1959, she won a medal at YMCA judo tournament but she was forced to return her medal when her gender reveals out by there officials.

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5. Sarah Emma Edmonds

Sarah was born in Canada in December 1841. She disguised herself as a man to join the American civil war. Sarah served as a member of the Union army, bestselling nurse as well as a spy. After the war was over she becomes a nurse in the soldier hospital where she no longer in need to hide her identity.

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