6 Actors Who Were In Both Marvel And DC Movies

Welcome to Humor Nation. In the world of comics, the walls separating various companies fictional universe are pretty much thick but the actors with a high profile have been easily able to jump from DC to Marvel movies and vice versa. They might play a villain in one universe and a hero in the other, or a supporting role for Marvel and a leading one for DC and appears in both the series with a noticeable difference.

So here is the list of actors who appear in both Marvel as well as DC movies.

1. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds first becomes Hal Jordan in DC Comics’ “Green Lantern” and after that, he becomes the wisecracking Deadpool for Marvel movies that everyone knows and loves.

6 Actors Who Were In Both Marvel And DC Movies

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2. Ben Affleck

Ben first plays a role as Matt Murdock in the 2003 Marvel film “Daredevil” and after that, he went to play the role as Batman in DC Comics’ “Superman v Batman.”

6 Actors Who Were In Both Marvel And DC Movies

3. Halle Berry

Before playing the role of “X-men” franchise as a storm in Marvels, American actress Halle Berry also took on the iconic role of DC Comics’ Catwoman in the eponymous 2004 film.

4. James Marden

James Marsden was best known in Hollywood as Cyclops from Marvel’s “X-Men” film franchise and also in 2006, he starred as the fiancé of Lois Lane in the DC Comics’ reboot, “Superman Returns.”

6 Actors Who Were In Both Marvel And DC Movies

5. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman starred as a young anarchist in the film adaptation of the DC Comics-based “V for Vendetta” and after that, she switched to Marvel, starring as Jane Foster in “Thor” and in “Thor: The Dark World.”

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6. Ayelet Zurer

Ayelet first starred in DC Comics’ “Man of Steel” as Lara Lor-Van, the mother of Superman in 2013, and then quickly followed that performance with a leading role as Vanessa Marianna in Marvel’s “Daredevil” series on Netflix.

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