6 Disturbing Banned Movies That You Should Never Ever Watch!

The history of film goes way back, it is full of so many movies which were banned for some reason like having explicit content or depicting excessive violence in it. The film review board bans movies for various religious, political or moral reasons. When a film is banned, the banned movies are sent back to the studio to split, cut the questionable scenes to make its release possible. Sometimes films are banned for religious reasons like they hurting the religious sentiments of the people through its story or by some particular offensive scenes present it. Today we’ll take a look at ten movies that have been banned somewhere in the world.

So Let’s Take A Look At 6 Disturbing Banned Movies That You Should Never Ever Watch!

1. Grotesque (2009)

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Next in the list of banned movies is Grotesque. It is a Japanese splatter horror film released in 2003. The film tells the story of a new couple who is abducted by an insane kidnapper who then subjects the couple to horrific and brutal torture. Grotesque is basically a torture pron, it is extremely disturbing due its explicit graphic content which includes the scenes of eye gouging, amputation, and you get the picture. The film has been banned in many countries all over the world including UK. Now unlike other torture horror movies such as SAW or Hostel, Grotesque has a very poor character development and it was a critical and commercial failure.

2. Song Of The South (1946)

While Song Of The South was never formally banned. Disney has put a ban on it themselves after releasing it its last showing was in 1986 and they’ve never showed it again or made a DVD of it for very obvious reasons. Mostly because it has very inappropriate depictions of black characters such as Uncle Remus. The sad thing is I’ve actually seen this movie and it has some great animation in it. It’s also got some pretty good music, it’s a Disney film after all.

Here’s a fun fact, the Disney ride Splash Mountain, one of its central prides, one of the most important ones in the parks history is actually based off of the Song Of The South. Most people don’t know that I think and most people will never know that because Song Of The South has been pushed into the dark recesses of film history. Hopefully for Disney’s sake to never seethe light of day again

3. Scum (1979)

Scum is a shocking story of life in a British Borstal for young offenders in 1970s. Due to its explicit graphic content, racism, depiction of gang rape and suicide, the film was banned. The film was remade after cutting off many violent scenes from the film, but the remade version too was banned. However ultimately a court case allowed the remade version to be released in UK. Now what bothers me a bit is that I understand that people might not necessarily want to see something brutal on film, but you can choose not to see the movie.

The fact that people were blocking this movie outright when apparently it was very accurate to what happened in real life. Now that’s an important story that needs to be told, gang rape, suicide, violence and racism are important pieces of our lives that we need to focus on in order to expel. The inmates survived by attacking each other mentally and the film brilliantly portrays this, sounds like a prison for kids which is horrible for kids.

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4. Mikey (1992)

Now I had never heard of this film before looking it up but apparently Mikey was released in 1992 and was banned in many countries. The graphic scenes depicting murder and torture and the infamous 1993 case of James Bulger resulted in the film to be banned. The notorious case of 1993 where two kids horrifically murdered a little toddler. Mikey is a nine-year-old killer who brutally murders his foster parents and all his carers all seemed to die in car accidents causing Mikey to move from family to family.

It’s hard for me to believe that anyone would actually take this movie so seriously that they would ban it considering most of us listening right now could kill a nine-year-old with our bare hands even if that kid had a knife or a gun they’re not really dangerous. They’re also not really smart so I don’t see how a nine-year-old could get away with this. Good it’s a movie premise, I’m not critiquing the movie.

5. A Serbian Film (2010)

Perhaps one of the most controversial banned movies on the list. A Serbian Film tells the story of a struggling adult film star who is in desperate need of money. So when he is offered an “art film” which can get him good money, he agrees to participate in the project. But little does he know, soon he is drafted into making a snuff film filled with pedophilia and necrophilia.

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6. The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist is one of the most iconic pieces of cinema of all time. It was nominated for several Academy Awards including Best Picture. The film was released in 1973 and was an instant box-office smash. The film opens to a priest who is part of an archaeological excavation in Iraq where he finds an old amulet that resembles a demon he defeated many years ago. Soon he realizes that the demon is back for revenge. A young girl begins speaking tongues, levitating, and proceeds to act out more horrific behavior.

The girl’s mother contacts a local priest who believes the girl is possessed by the devil. Some audience members were so scared of the film that they were passing out during the duration of the film resulting in some theaters to warn people before they saw the film. Unfortunately the film was banned in UK due to some a sexual scene involving the girl and the crucifix.

So guys did you enjoy our list of banned movies? If your choice is not on the list then do message us. We will include it in the next article.

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