6 Science Experiments That Went Wrong!

Science Experiments
Science could do amazing things in life but sometimes it has to experiment and science experiment can go bad and sometimes worse.

Welcome back to the Humor Nation guys. Today we’re talking about insane science experiments. Science could do amazing things in life but sometimes it has to experiment and science experiments can go bad and sometimes worse. Today we will look at 7 science experiment that went horribly wrong.

Take A Look At The List Of Science Experiments That Went Wrong

1. David Reimer

This Canadian man was born in 1965 and he was sent to be circumcised. But, the doctors experimented with an unconventional technique ended up removing David’s entire penis. The doctors told his parents that the best solution would be to give him a sex change operation right there. They raise him as a girl and never let him know the truth. This ended up tearing his parents apart and his dad told David the truth when he was 14. David then chose to get a reverse sex operation and it was a success. However, David struggled a lot with the events of his past and ended up committing suicide at just 38 years old. This was proved to be one of the most insane science experiments.

2. The Chimp Baby

In the 1930’s, a scientist called Winthrop Kellogg thought a chimp could grow up to be like a human if it lived alongside a human baby. He conducted science experiments to prove his point and the chimp was living with his son Donald. He was inseparable from the chimp called Guha. They ate together, played together and used to spend all the time together just like brothers. They notice that Guha was picking up more and more human tendencies from Donald than ever before. But, the experiment came to a disaster when the baby Donald began to regress and become more like a chimp. Apparently, he would just sit there howling and wailing and struggled to pick up even basic language like a normal human baby. The experiment was stopped immediately.

3. The Monster Study

This experiment was conducted on 22 orphans to see how children responded to positivity and negativity when it comes to speech therapy. Half the children were praised for their efforts and the other half were teased and belittled for their speech imperfections. Many of the children who received this negative feedback went on to suffer serious psychological damage for the rest of their lives. It was so bad that some of them could barely even speak again. The monster study got its name from its shocking experimentation on orphaned children just to prove a hypothesis.

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4. Tusco

This one was just messed up. The CIA was absolutely obsessed with running out the effects of LSD, they experimented on an elephant with the help of the University of Oklahoma. The elephant called Tusco weighed three and a half tonnes and was given enough LSD to make three thousand humans hallucinate. The CIA was trying to see if they could make the elephant to enter the state where elephants become violent and uncontrollable. The experiment was a total disaster and Tusco almost immediately collapsed and had a seizure for almost two hours before finally dying.

5. Stanford Prison Experiment

This psychology experiment conducted by Stanford University involves splitting 24 random students into two groups. One group were the prison guards and the others were their prisoners. This was set up for them to study how power and authority work within human groups. But they got really messed up. It was supposed to last for two weeks but had to be stopped after just six days because the guards began to abuse their power. They would emotionally and physically abuse the prisoners. After just the first day alone, the guards were already attacking them with fire extinguishers. Some of them suffered serious mental and physical injuries for life.

6. The Yellow Fever Experiment

Dr. Firth was a scientist who was trying to prove that yellow fever was not contagious and was actually due to the difference between summer and winter. Now in an effort to prove this, he tried to infect himself with yellow fever by drinking the vomit of victims. He also injected it into his body. Well, it turns out he was right about the whole seasonal thing but for the wrong reason. Mosquitoes are the ones who spread yellow fever and they hibernate in the winter. So, all the vomit drinking and injecting it was for nothing.

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