6 Things About Klaus Mikaelson That Fans Choose To Ignore

Welcome to Humor Nation. Before the fans got to see the notorious, infamous Klaus Mikaelson in the flesh on The Vampire Diaries, the reputation of this Original preceded him. Klaus was the Original Vampire who was feared by the other vampires for his ruthlessness. Even though there were other Original Vampires, his siblings, but his stone-cold nature, his intense rage, and unforgiveness made him a legend in the vampire community. And when this infamous revealed himself The Vampire Diaries universe was never the same again.

In Klaus Mikaleson, the watchers got to see a villain so unpredictable and complex that soon he became a fan favorite. His popularity reached to a point that the studio decided to give the character his own show, The Vampire Diaries spinoff: The Originals.

10 Things About Klaus That Fans Choose To Ignore

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The Originals featured Klaus along with his brother Elijah and his sister Rebekah. The fans provided the fans with an opportunity to spend more time with this powerful but very complicated and damaged character.

So Let’s Take A Look At 6 Things About Klaus That Fans Choose To Ignore

1. He fears that his siblings would leave him once they have a relationship. 

2. Isn’t it really ironic how Klaus craves love, but whenever he finds it, he runs from it.

6 Things About Klaus Mikaelson That Fans Choose To Ignore


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  1. A lot of points are way off balance. Klaus did not become like mikael for he valued family above all even in his darkest times.
    He never ran away from cami, true he used her as a pawn in his games but when the time for love came, he protected her and showed her the full extent of his love so much so that she begun to act stupidly
    He didn’t treat his hybrids as slaves. Hell…he wanted Tyler as a friend but Tyler turned against him .
    He didn’t kill Celeste or his because he was afraid of being alone. Celeste’s killing was a mistake and gia. Well, that was to teach Elijah a lesson and she wasn’t a serious love interest. And yes, he is a monster…that makes him all the more interesting


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