6 Things That Girls Do But Never Admit!

Things girls never admits doing.
Things that girls do but never admits.

Hello and welcome back to the Humor Nation guys. How are you feeling today? Are you ready to learn some secrets about girls? Today we are going to discuss things girls do but they will never ever admit.

Let’s Have A Look At 6 Things That Girls Do But Never Admit!

1. Girls Are Hungry For Compliments

So, a girl always wants you to compliment and be it for their beautiful looks, their outfits, their hair, their nail polish and even their art skills. They might not know how to take it but they still want you to do it all the time. If a girl ever asks you how she looks, I just want you to know right here and right now that pausing for too long or answering fine isn’t the right response.

2. Girls Are Obsessed Over Text Emojis

Girls are obsessed over how many kisses, hearts or emojis you put in a text. These days the emoji at the end of a text to symbolize a kiss, a heart emoji, a winky face or a kissy face makes a girl get obsessed over it. They read all kinds of things into a kiss emoji or even a sticky out tongue. There are many girls who talk to their friends about whether that winky face means the guy likes them or not. Many girls say that if he didn’t include a kiss or heart emojis then he’s definitely not interested in you.

3. Smelling Armpits

Just like boys, girls also smell armpits of clothes or trousers to see if we can get away with wearing them for another day. Every girl doesn’t have an endless amount of clothes and sometimes life just gets too lazy to give the clothes for the laundry. Sometimes they can get a little bit lazy and they absolutely use the sniff test to see if items of clothing would be okay and smell free for the second day.

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4. Squeezing Blackheads

This is exactly very ladylike and just like the other half of the human race, girls realize that there is something just so satisfying about squeezing a blackhead. It feels like some kind of task for girls that must be completed in order to be beautiful and when it’s done they have an immense sense of satisfaction.

5. Self-Pleasuring

For some reason, guys seem to love talking about self-pleasuring and you can regularly hear the phrase like had a wank or jerked off which mostly applies to pleasuring themselves. There aren’t many words like these for female because they actually don’t really talk about it that often. Girls probably even blush if someone asked them whether they do it or not. Of course, they do but it’s kind of private which they don’t really want to talk about openly.

6. Farting

The majority of girls aren’t pleased or proud when it happens. Although, there are definitely a few that absolutely are. Guys seem to kind of pleased with their farts and they find it funny and something to be really proud of. Every girl, on the other hand, will desperately try not to let it happen in public because for them it’s just kind of embarrassing. This is a natural phenomenon and gases form inside every human and it’s bad to hold them in. Girls usually would just rather keep it private and just never ever talk about it.

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