6 Things That You Should Never Say To A Wrestling Fan!

I am a wrestling fan, it should be obvious given that I’ll telling you the things that you should never ever say to a wrestling fan. You’re a wrestling fan too, since you’re reading this article. If this information, facts come as any kind of surprise, then prepare yourselves for it. As wrestling fans though we are all subjected to people who from now on we’ll call idiots! Tell someone you enjoy watching movies, reality shows, or even golf and they don’t blink an eye. Tell people that you enjoy watch wrestling and prepare to hear them pass judgments, ridicule you with their “Wrestling is fake” comments. People who insist on saying dumb things when they find out about someone’s passion for the sport. Why they can’t just go “Okay cool” and get on with it.

Do these people really think they are very smart and we all are ignorant? Do they really think they can shatter our entire world with their little comment? Everyone fan knows that wrestling is scripted, but it’s not fake. The matches between the superstars are choreographed, a team of creative writers write the script, plan the feuds and story line.

People who do not enjoy wrestling have a list of complains like why these wrestlers are barely dressed, why do they sweat and bleed, why are there over-the-top situations? These people don’t complain when they watch the same over-the-top stuff on the TV acted by fully clothed people. People pretending to hunt ghosts, kill zombies, fight dragons, but that’s alright.

Wrestling is one of the biggest sports entertainment phenomenon in the world. Surely wrestling defies logic, but even your favorite television shows, movies do that too. These wrestlers put their bodies and lives on the line just to entertain us. They perform the death-defying, high-flying risky moves like jumping off a 20 feet ladder just for the sake of entertaining the audience. The emotions, the dedication, the commitment of the superstars are real. If you think that wrestling is fake, it is only for kids then you better think again after reading this article.

So here are the 6 Things That You Should Never Say To A Wrestling Fan!

1. “Wrestling is fake”

I mean honestly how even in 2017 we get this, this is beyond reasoning. You just finished watching an amazing wrestling fan, you loved it, and out of nowhere someone pops up, and says “IT’S FAKE!”. Yes! We know it’s fake, it’s scripted, we all have accepted the fact that it’s pre-determined. The bottom line is it’s a performance, a show, a piece of entertainment. We watch it just to have fun just like we watch a TV show or movies. After finishing a blockbuster movie, we don’t come out of the theater and say “God, the movie was fake”.

2. “It doesn’t hurt at all”

Let me tell you, it definitely hurts, it hurts like hell. Wrestlers are trained professionals, there are ways they can control their movements, ways in which their body falls, but it doesn’t stop physics from slamming their body into the canvas. Wrestlers are not immune to the gravity, the falls that look so easy on the TV are painful. The wrestling ring is not a trampoline, that’s why wrestlers have to learn how to take a fall. The over-the-top-rope moves and the aerial movies are very dangerous. One mistake and you a wrestler can jeopardize his life.

3. Wrestlers can’t fight for real”

So who cares? We are not watching wrestling to see the guys have a real fight, That’s not the skill for which they are paid, the practice the art of pro-wrestling. Furthermore, it’s not true, there are many wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley who went to MMA and had a real fight. These wrestlers spend their entire life working out, doing moves and taking punishment. They know a lot of moves and holds, which if performed incorrectly, can injure the body parts. So they can fight.

4. “Wrestling is for kids”

The best thing about wrestling is that you often get into it when you’re a child, but then get a new appreciation for it as you grow up which makes you keep watching it. We used to watch Saturday morning cartoons, if we tried to watch it now, we would feel embarrassed for watching such stuff as a kid. But when it comes to wrestling, we are still involved, we still care. Wrestling appeals to a wider audience, for the kids, they have their easily relatable heroes and villains like Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. We adults are smart, we cheer for the heels and boo the faces.

5. “The blood is fake”

No! Wrestlers don’t use fake blood, blood capsules, or any of the CGI, FX , visual effects like the one you see in the movies. What you see on the screen is 100% real blood. Often the wrestlers bleed by cutting themselves using the blade, this is known as the blade job. Now this can be done by the wrestler himself, he could secretly use the blade to cut on his forehead to bleed or his opponent could do the job. The blade used for cutting is kept hidden from the audiences and the cameras. Wrestlers secretly make a cut above their eye to bleed and then hide the blade in their boot or give it to the opponent, manager or referee without being seen. Sometimes they use the good old-fashioned way of smashing their heads with ring steps, turn buckle, steel posts to bleed. If you don’t believe this, then take a look at the foreheads of old 80’s wrestlers like Abdullah the Butcher.

6. “Who’s going to win the match?”


In wrestling, it’s a well-known fact that the winner of the match is pre-determined. But sometimes we honestly don’t know who will emerge victorious, what is going to happen in the match. We can make predictions and then watch the match to see how it all plays out. WWE always managed to surprise its fans, they do the unexpected at times. Like at Survivor Series, where fans predicted that Lesnar would smash Goldberg in a squash match, but the opposite happened. It was because Goldberg had signed a deal for more appearances, so it was a smart business move to put over Goldberg.

Images Source – WWE

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