6 Unluckiest People In The World!

ssome are unluckiest people.
As we all know life isn't fair and we all have to deal with, but still some are lucky or unlucky and some are unluckiest people.

As we all know life isn’t fair and that is something we all have to deal with, but still, some are lucky and some are unluckiest people, no matter what kind of date you’re having just remember there’s probably somebody out there having a worst day. So today we’ll talk about unluckiest people in the world.

Let’s Take A Look At 7 Unluckiest People In The World You Won’t Believe.

1. The Lightening Man.

Roy Sullivan from the US who was born in 1912, during his lifetime he was struck by lightning seven times between 1942-1977, and now for the average person the odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 12000 times in your lifetime, Sullivan was even recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the person struck by lightning them loads which are probably one of the few records out there that nobody would ever want to break.

2. That’s Ridiculous.

Violet Jessop from England who was part of the feud sinking ship and she first set sail on the Olympic which sank because they collided what they worship then she served as a waitress on a pretty infamous ship called the Titanic funnily she aborted the breach an egg which exploded for some unknown reason but all is not lost her third sinking ship actually taught her a valuable lesson before she fled the Britannic. She grabbed her toothbrush because she said that something she wished she had done from that titanic incident because you never know who you might meet on a life raft.

3. Man Who Survived Atomic Attacks.

Surviving in atomic blast is very fortunate, but how about surviving two? Tsutomu Yamaguchi was on a business trip to Hiroshima and the day he was prepared to leave, the first atomic bomb fell he had just enough time to dive into a ditch before the bomb dead made it less than 2 miles away. The shock sucked Yamaguchi from the ground spun him in the air and thrown him to a potato patch, when he came to his senses, he tried to get home as soon as he could see his family, so he boarded a train from Nagasaki where he even decided to immediately report to work and then of course a second more powerful bomb dropped. Luckily, Yamaguchi was shielded by a hilly landscape and not only did Yamaguchi survived from two atomic blasts, but he lived until the age of 93 years. Some of you might be like- well that’s extremely lucky well it’s not as lucky as avoiding a nuclear blast or maybe be able to leave Hiroshima a day before the bomb dropped.

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4. This Lady Was Hit By A Meteor.

I think anything hit by a meteorite is pretty much destroyed because that thing fell from space, but the exception was Ann Hodges who was one of only two people in all reported history to be hit by a meteorite and the only thing she suffered from that was a badly bruised hip in a smash through in and was napping on her couch. When a softball-size drock rolled through the ceiling bounce off a radio and hit her in the thigh leaving just a bruise she’s lucky to be okay but she’s also really unlucky because there’s a better chance of being hit by a tornado, a bull of lightning and a hurricane at the same time than getting hit by a meteorite.

5. This Guy Is Very Unlucky.

Not all unfortunate incidences are life and death related, There is a tiny village where lottery ticket sellers went door to door to each and every house in the village selling lottery tickets, everyone in town bought the tickets they played the same model numbers and ended up splitting the nine hundred and fifty million dollar jackpot. While all except one guy because for some reason the ticketing people just randomly skipped his house, so everybody won the lottery except him. This is extremely unlucky.

6. This Is Insane.

There was a man named Henry Biglan and he broke off with a girl very horribly, I guess because her brother came over to shoot and Henry was shot it looked like he was dead so the brother turned the gun on himself, but Henry was merely grazed and the bullet devil supposed to kill him was washed into a tree behind him. Years later, Henry decided to get rid of that tree which took a bullet for him but instead of simply just cutting it down he decided to take a page out of the LooneyToons and blow the tree off, the tree did explode but it also sent the bullet that was meant for him years earlier speeding towards Henry ending his life. This is ridiculous, so guys thus was the list of unluckiest people, leave your comment below.

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