7 Child Stars Who Grew Up As Hottest Celebs!

Child Stars who grew up hot
Hello and welcome back to the Humor Nation guys and today we are talking about child stars who grew up to be hottest celebs.

Hello and welcome back to the Humor Nation guys and today we are talking about child stars who grew up to be hottest celebs. 

So, if a child star is lucky they will grow up to have a successful a career in their adult life as they have had in their early years. Now, many will spend years trying to shake off their image as a child stars and those on this list have definitely shaken it off.

Let’s Take A Look At 7 Child Stars Who Grew Up As Hottest Celebs.

1. Selena Gomez

Born in 1992, Selena became a star as she took a role in Barney & Friends. She then went on to with a role in Disney’s ‘The Wizards Of Waverly Place’. When 2013 came around and Selena turned 21, she hoped to achieve a more adult status as she took a leading role in the movie ‘The Spring Breakers’. From then on, she continued to shake off her innocent girl act and became a hot actress. She now has two studio albums under her belt and going strong in terms of fan following and popularity. She is definitely one of the most popular child stars who grew up as a hot actress.

2. Mila Kunis

So before Mila 15th birthday, she landed the role as Jackie Burkhart in that 70’s show opposite her future husband Ashton Kutcher. Known on-screen as a teen, Mila also voiced Meg in Family Guy and her new grown-up status was displayed as she appeared in the 2008 movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She has since gone on to prove that she is quite the adult especially in the 2010 film Black Swan, during which she shares a lesbian night of passion with co-star and former child actress Natalie Portman. She is one of the most beautiful child stars who got fame and success.

3. Jonathan Lipnicki

So born in 1990, Jonathan will always be the kid from Stuart little to everybody. So, seeing him grown up and with eight-pack abs is kind of a little bit weird. Jonathan was America’s best-loved late 90’s kid actor who not only starred as George little in the lovable Mouse movie Stuart Little, he also starred in Jerry Maguire in the little vampire. Little being the operative word as we can see how honey has become big these days. He is heading towards his late 20’s and still working but mostly working out in the gym.

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4. Justin Timberlake

So Justin Timberlake became famous in at the age of 12 when he joined Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club. Here he worked on screen with later girlfriend Britney Spears as well as Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling. Justin found his own identity and secured his grown-up status as he went solo in 2002 aged 21. Since then, he has gone on to be a successful pop star and movie star having earned himself the nickname Justin trouser snake. He went all the way from a normal child star to become a popular actor with huge fan following.

5. Alexa PenaVega

Alexa was born in 1988 and she rose to fame in the 1994 film Little Giants and again in the 1996 film Twister. She found international recognition in as the child star of Spy Kids. As she got older, Alexa began to take on more grown-up roles such as Ruby Gallagher in Ruby and the Rockets and Kiley Brenner in Nashville. Alexa recently announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Carlos PenaVega and I wonder if their child would grow up to be a huge star.


6. Justin Bieber

Born in 1994, Justin rose to fame in 2007 and quickly became a teen heart-throb as his vocal talents were discovered on YouTube. The baby singer looked very much just like a baby at that time but now about 20 tattoos, some hair bleach and a set of abs, he has become fully grown-up star. He has about 4 hit studio albums and a series of cheeky selfies of various parts of his anatomy. He is a child star no more and he’s even the freaking Calvin Klein model. Justin Bieber has crossed every possible limits of popularity and he’s having fans all around the world.

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7. Harry Potter Cast

So the first Harry Potter film came out in 2001 when the stars were around 11 years old. Now years later, they have grown up to be stunning looking actors.

So, here is Emma Watson and she’s gorgeous.

Here’s a Evanna Lynch.

Here’s Bonnie.

Here is hot Robert Pattinson.

Here is Daniel Radcliffe whom we known as  Harry Potter.

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