7 Haunted Railway Stations In India Where You Shouldn’t Step Foot After Nightfall

Welcome to Humor Nation. We have read so many stories of ghosts and spirits as a kid. We were told through those stories that ghosts are present in the cemeteries and graveyards. During the night time, their presence can be actively felt at such places. But what if I told you that spirits and ghosts could be present anywhere, not just limited to cemeteries! Yes, you read it right! Spirits and ghosts can also be found at an apartment, a bridge, or a railway station. How would you react if you were left alone at a haunted railway station? India has plenty of haunted railway stations where the presence of spirits can be felt.

So Let’s Take A Look At Haunted Railway Stations In India

1. MG Road Metro Station

7 Haunted Railway Stations In India Where You Shouldn't Step Foot After Nightfall

The MG Road Metro Station located in Gurugram is believed to be haunted. An unrest spirit of a woman keeps wandering at this station. People reported that a woman suffered an accident at this station and died. Ever since then her spirit has made her home at this station. Some people say that the woman lost her kid at the station and while finding the kid, she suffered an accident, and to this date, she keeps searching for her kid at the station.

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2. Begunkodar Railway Station

7 Haunted Railway Stations In India Where You Shouldn't Step Foot After Nightfall

Begunkodar is a small town located in the Purulia district of West Bengal. The town is famous for its infamous railway station. In 1967, a railway employee reported seeing the ghost of a woman, a woman who was rumored to have died in a railway accident. The railway employee told the villagers about the ghost, but nobody believed him. And soon the dead bodies of the railway station master and his family were found in their quarters. The station then remained closed for 42 years. It reopened in 2009 when a passenger train started making a halt there. It is believed that a woman in white saree dances at the platform and runs along with the train.

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