7 Haunted Railway Stations In India Where You Shouldn’t Step Foot After Nightfall

3. Chittoor Railway Station

There’s a story that the Chittoor Railway Station is haunted by the ghost of a CRPF constable Hari Singh who roams around the platforms in search of justice. Hari Singh was allegedly attacked by a couple of TTEs and RPF personnel on Kerala Express on Oct 31, 2013. The CRPF constable was injured gravely on the train, he got down at Chittoor Railway station and was admitted to a local government hospital in the city. He was later moved to Chennai where he died. Later the Chittoor Railway Police launched an investigation which was later subsided. People reported that Hari Singh’s spirit doesn’t harm anyone, but helps everyone! He even prevented many accidents and suicides at the station.

4. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

7 Haunted Railway Stations In India Where You Shouldn't Step Foot After Nightfall

It is one of the haunted railway stations in India, but why? Because of numerous suicides that have taken place at this station. It is believed that the spirits of the deceased roam freely here. Many travelers who are traveling at late hours of the night have reported hearing mournful cries and have seen apparitions moving around the station.

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