7 Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made

Welcome to Humor Nation. Who doesn’t makes mistakes? We all do right? Well, no one’s perfect and that makes us human. It’s just that our mistakes aren’t big enough to be famous for, lucky us!

Today we’re going to look at the 7 most expensive mistakes ever made. Trust me, we’re talking big numbers!

7. A misplaced comma (,) that cost $1 Million

7 Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made

Acing grammar and punctuation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But you should be careful while framing contracts, shouldn’t you? A contract dispute between Rogers Communications and Bell Aliant was settled after it emerged that the document contained a misplaced comma that changed the grammatical meaning of one of the clauses. The contract got canceled within a year instead of five, costing Rogers Communications $1 million.

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6. Misprint in a travel catalog

Banner Travels Services, a travel agency from California, sued a printing company for misprinting ‘exotic’ destinations as ‘erotic’ destinations in their travel catalog. It cost the printing company a big, fat amount of $10 Million.

5. Minor math error at NASA

The Mars Climate Orbiter cost NASA around $125 million to construct and send into space. However, it was later realized that a minor math error in its programming made it as good as nothing. One of the calculations had been carried out in the wrong unit of measurement and the probe flew too close to Mars and crashed on its surface. Well, maths will be maths!


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