7 Things That Science Got Totally Wrong

Scientists along with doctors and hairstylists are the type of people you put a great amount of faith and trust into get it right the first time. Many scientists have made incredible contributions to mankind so naturally we hold them in the highest regard, but we forget that they are only human and humans even the smartest ones make mistake, but that’s kind of the beauty of science. Some of our most important scientific breakthroughs came from big blunders! Besides if they didn’t get it wrong, we wouldn’t be able to poke fun at science in an entertaining best up list like this one.

So Here Are The 10 Things That Science Got Totally Wrong!

1. Bulls Hate The Red Color

things science got totally wrong

When you think of bullfighting, the image of an angry bull charging at a Matadors’ red cape comes to mind. Science had us believing that both got angry when they saw red however we’ve since learned that bulls and other cattle are color blind. So why does the bull charge at a red cape? It’s likely the bullets irritated by the movement of the Cape being waved and whipped around. If the Cape was any other color the bull will still charge at it. In fact myth busters prove this theory using makeshift Matadors holding a number of different color flags and found that bulls will charge whichever object is moving the most. On a more gruesome note the reason the Cape used in bullfighting are red is to mask the blood splatter as the Bulls are being planted off.

2. Hair And Fingernails Keep Growing After Death

There are many questions we have about what happens to us after we die; where do we go, well we come back as a housefly and do our hair and fingernails really keep growing? Well the first two you’ll have to figure out on your own, but as far as the postmortem proofing issue, this is false. In order for the new hair and nail cells to grow they need glucose and oxygen, when we die the supply of both of you stop and thus so does the cycle of new cell production. However after death the skin shrinks, exposing the part of the nails and hair that were once under the skin which makes them appear longer.

Imagine nails and hair that did continue to grow the idea of zombie apocalypse wouldn’t seem so bad. How can you be terrified of being chased by an animated corpse that looks like cousin IT and the zombies would be constantly tripping over their hair and spirally fingernails plus the whopping dredge that doesn’t have the same eerie ring to it

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3. Five Senses

We only have five senses from a very young age, we’re taught that humans have five senses. Turns out our grade school teachers and Sesame Street lied to us. Taste, touch, sight hearing and smells are just a handful of ways we sense things. Although the exact number of human senses is still under debate. we now know there are at least four additional commonly agreed senses. These include temperature, why you know better than to chug a cup of hot coffee, balance, the reason you can hold a yoga pose without falling flat on your face, body sense which allows us being able to walk around without staring at your feet and pain, the handy signal that tells us to stop doing something because it hurts.

4. Alcohol Kills Brain

If you’re worried last night’s booze vendor cost you some precious braincells never fear! The idea that alcohol kills brain cells is actually false so the good news is you don’t have to give up your reigning title of beer pong champ just yet. However even though alcohol doesn’t destroy your brain cells per se, it can still mess with your head. Alcohol interferes with the way the brain sends messages which explains why drunk people have slurred speeds, are constantly falling over and engage in acts of drugs and stupidity in general. Alcohol abuse over a long period of time can have even more damaging effects, not doing it seldom, but it can’t harm the dendrites which are the branch like ends of the brain cells so you can leave the cognitive problems, brain damage, and memory loss.

5. Swallowing Gum Takes 7 Years To Digest

The fact that gum will live in your system for seven years as swallowed have stuck around for quite some time. Well today we can thankfully toss this fictitious bubble. Although we can’t digest gum entirely it does in fact move through the digestive tract like normal and comes out the other end looking almost exactly like it did going in. Gum does tend to pass through slower than most foods, but rest assured you won’t be part hubba bubba for long.

But just because you can swallow it doesn’t mean you should make a habit of sending your gum down the poop chute.. Some can get entangled with other items and form a sticky mess that can create a blockage in your gastrointestinal tract that requires extraction so do yourself a favor and spit, don’t swallow!

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6. Water Conducts Electricity

I think by now we all know better than to go swimming during a lightning storm and not to take a bath with a plugged in poster nearby. But the truth is water doesn’t actually conduct electricity, shocking right? It’s the minerals and dirt in the water that are the problem. Pure distilled water which is water that is boiled, evaporated and the vapor condensed into liquid doesn’t contain any impurities and therefore can’t conduct electricity. Clean water like from your tap often has traces of minerals and dirt in it to help it conduct electricity. Seeing the distilled water is not something you encounter every day like in your bathtub for instance. It’s a good idea to keep electronics far away from any large bodies of water and stop making toast in the bathroom.

7. Lightning Never Strikes Twice

This ridiculous theory was finally disproved by Louis Pasteur in 1859. Lightning never strikes twice! During an unfortunate time in your life you may have found comfort in the saying lightning never strikes twice meaning something bad doesn’t happen twice in the same way the same person. Well tried for a matter of Roy Sullivan aka the human lightning conductor, the only man in the world to be struck by lightning seven times. So not only does lightning strike twice, but it can strike multiple times in the same spot.

The Empire State Building for instance get struck approximately a hundred times a year that’s because lightning tends to be attracted to the tallest point in a particular area. Even though the chances of getting hit by lightning are less, the odds are still times higher than winning the lottery. Moral of the story is don’t gamble with your money or your life, when there’s a thunderstorm just stay inside.

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