8 Craziest Things That These Insane Doctors Have Done

Welcome to Humor Nation. Doctors are life savers but that doesn’t mean all doctors can be trusted with your life. Today, we are going to talk about some crazy doctors who have done some crazy things.

Buckle up, these are 8 doctors you should definitely be aware of-

8. Dr. Cecil Jacobson

8 Crazy Doctors You Should Be Aware Of

Fertility doctor, Dr. Jacobson deceived many couples by impregnating them with his own sperm. He has fathered 75 children so far. He was convicted for the same and spent 5 years in prison. Jacobson had to pay $1,17,000 as fine.

7. Dr. Mladen Antolic

Dr. Antolic had the authority to write prescriptions for cocaine, morphine, Oxycontin and similar drugs. But, instead of using them to help people, he used them to falsely drug patients for sexual favors and money. He was exposed in 2010 and served 10 years of prison.

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6. Dr. Burfield Hazzard

Dr. Burfield never went to medical school. But, it didn’t stop her from acquiring her medical license due to a loophole in the law of the 90s. Hazzard’s basic philosophy was that fasting was the solution to every problem be it a fever or a gunshot. She killed more than 40 people without any charges since they came under death by starvation. She was finally arrested in 1911.

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