8 Facts About Ramayana That You Didn’t Know

5. Laxman never slept during 14 years of exile.

Wait, what? Laxman asked the goddess of sleep, Nindra to overlook him so that he can take care of Ram and Sita while in exile. Wow! Kudos to Laxman!

6. Bali killed Krishna in his next birth.

Jara, the hunter who killed Lord Krishna was actually a reincarnation of Bali.

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7. The price of Rama’s words was Laxman’s life.

Once Lord Rama met with Yam and anybody to intercept the meeting was to face a death punishment. Unfortunately, Laxman entered the room where they were meeting and in order to keep his elder brother’s words, he sacrificed himself. Well, Laxman never fails to surprise me.

8. Surparnkha wanted Ravan to die.

Ravan had killed Surpankha’s husband Dushtabuddhi for which she wanted to take revenge from Ravan and wanted him dead. well, that’s some brother-sister bond!

So, these were some lesser known facts about Ramayana which left me just as surprised as you are!

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