8 Mixed Sports In Which Men And Women Play Together

Hello readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. How many of us judge sports by gender whether it is a men’s sport or a women’s sport. But there are still some mixed gender sports. Mixed-gender sports have been encouraged as a way of boosting female sports participation and improving the social harmony of different genders. By introducing mixed gender sports people are trying to make a valuable change in OLYMPIC 2020.

Here is the list of some mixed gender sports!!

1. Badminton

8 Sports In Which Men And Women Play Together

In badminton men and women played together in a male/female duo in mixed doubles matches.

2. Tennis

8 Sports In Which Men And Women Play Together

Like in badminton men and women compete in mixed doubles matches. We all know about the U.S. Open mixed doubles tournament. Sania Mirza, Leandre Paes, Mahesh Bhupathi are some well-known representative of India.

3. Luge

8 Sports In Which Men And Women Play Together

In mixed doubles sport Luge Luge is a doubles competition in which male and female teams are allowed. In 2014 the mixed doubles involve an equal number of man and woman

4. Ice skating

This is based on a pair of the opposite gendergen which have pair skating, ice dancing, ballroom dancing, etc. In which participants physically work together to produce an artistic and athletic performance.

5. Triathlon

Triathlon is a multi-sport race with three various sports including swimming, cycling, and running over various distances Swimming mixed doubles swimming is approved in Olympic 2020 in which apart from gender, participant compete to each other.

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6. Athletics

Athletics is the number one sport at Olympic games and by introducing mixed doubles they are trying to give it a meaningful change. It involves skills which include running, jumping and throwing.

7. Table tennis

Team of man an Table tennis d women will be made and they will compete against each other in Olympic 2020

8. Swimming 

Mixed gender swimming is also introduced at Olympic 2020

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