8 Reasons Why India Is Still Not Independent

Welcome to Humor Nation. India is an independent country. But are we completely independent? Even after 69 years of freedom, we are still not free from the clutches of caste system, dowry, and the old-age society prejudices.

Here are 8 reasons as to why India is still not independent

1. Terrorism

Reasons Why India Is Still Not Independent

Terrorism is a global threat to our civilization. Our government is constantly working on this front to keep our country safe. Until and unless we don’t get rid of this evil, we cannot call ourselves free.

2. Corruption

Although we might have cut ties with this problem to some extent but it still prevails. Till this problem prevails, India can never completely be free. Well, we should be the change we wish to see and therefore self-awareness about this problem can actually let our country grow.

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3. Poverty

India can claim to be as free as it can but it is nearly impossible to get rid of it’s poverty. In India, with the increase in GDP, the rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer. Although the government is working towards this problem, poverty seems to consume the country.

4. Illiteracy

Wondering why illiteracy is a problem in a country where education is so easily available? Well, India offers education for everyone and that too at a feasible rate but it isn’t the quantity of education but the quality of it. Quality education in the country cannot be afforded by every section of the society and the lower sections prefer to be not educated than be poorly educated.


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