8 Things Wrong With ‘Lucifer’ That The Fans Choose To Ignore

Welcome to Humor Nation. Netflix’s Lucifer is the devil, the rules of the hell who controls the hell, while Lucifer can easily walk through the fire without a scratch. Make no mistake, the show has a devoted fandom that too would walk through literal hell for the sake of the show. How can you not love Lucifer? That devil is charming, handsome, and funny. The show has amazing characters and a refreshing story-line which makes it a must watch television.

8 Things Wrong With 'Lucifer' That The Fans Choose To Ignore Lucifer

But even the best of shows have their flaws and even Lucifer has faults too. The show has made some very obvious contradictions and mistakes that might not sit well with the hardcore fans. Note that these oversights in no way spoil the awesomeness of crime solving due of the Detective and Devil. But as a fan and a critics of TV shows, it’s always fun to search for errors in the television.

So Let’s Take A Look At 8 Things Wrong With ‘Lucifer’ That The Fans Choose To Ignore!


Lucifer’s trustful ally Mazikeen is beautiful. Her body is perfect and every man would go crazy over it. We were told that demons have no soul. So if Mazikeen gets killed on earth, Maze will straight go to Hell. She cannot possess any other human, take a new body. So does that mean that this is Mazikeen’s real body? Her actual true form, created in God’s image? But then again according to Bible, these Demons in no way look any similar to the humans. We even saw her creepy face, but still it resembled to a human like face.

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Many translations in the Bible have been heatedly debated. The name ‘Lucifer’ is a name of Venus planet in Latin. And the world means ‘MORNINGSTAR’ or ‘LIGHT BRINGER’. This is due to the fact that Venus moves around in the night sky. It also has been reported that this term has been associated with several mythologies which tells about the fallings from heaven. The interpretations of similar terms in Hebrew Bible which were translated to ‘Lucifer’ in King James Bible. This led to many Christians associating the name Lucifer with Satan’s falling from heaven.

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  1. 8) Maze is the child of Lilith, who was the first wife of Adam, created in the looks of God and Adam himself, thus her human-like form makes sense.
    7) That is not the matter of the show, that question is in the religion department.
    6) Start watching from season 1. Besides, every case is a part of him finding himself.
    5) Not shown in the show and why does it even matter?
    4) You REALLY haven’t watched the entire show, or not carefully enough…
    3) They are catching criminals, and those are usually humans, so what is the point in making a point about criminals being humans?!
    2) Once again, you clearly haven’t watched the entire show…
    1) At least it’s not Starbucks coffee cups and plastic water bottles…


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