8 Things You Should Not Search On Google

Welcome back to Humor Nation, this article is a sequel to our 5 Things That You Should Never Google article which was written a month ago. So as the name suggests, we are going to take a look at some of the most disturbing, shocking things present on the Google. This is definitely not for the weak, you have been warned. So guys please don’t Google anything I’m about to mention.

Let’s Take A Look At 8 Things You Should Not Search On Google – PART II



We start with headlice! The pictures aren’t so bad, but the second you start browsing the Internet about the headlice I can guarantee a hundred percent that you’ll start to feel itchy like really really really itchy. Lice are pretty gross when you think about them, lice that live on your body that is not okay.


No no no it is not a mathematical bridge. This is actually something quite different, but please God never Google calculus bridge. Now you’ll ask why? Well it’s the whole tooth black extravaganza that you really really don’t need to see. Take my word for it.

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Coming in at number eight ah the classic! It’s a soggy biscuit challenge, soggy biscuits are the worst at the best of times, but this kind has nothing to do with an unwanted result from too much dunking in your tea. For those of you that don’t know this is actually a sx game that frat boys like to play and really that’s all you need to know.


Coming in at number seven we have Krokodil before and after. Krokodil is the name of a highly addictive drug, this is otherwise known as “Desomorphine”. People who inject this drug are putting themselves at serious risk of danger to their health. The high level of toxicity in the drug means that users can experience symptoms rather like being cooked and burned alive. Basically you don’t want to Google Krokodil before and after pictures unless you want to see some really really messed up looking people who probably never fully recover from the ravages of their addiction. It’s really sad and also really gross.


Another classic we have fist popping if you’re fine with puffs on an extreme level then sure go with a Google search of a cyst pop. But for me I’m gonna maybe stickler, I’m really not good with like an infection Vesuvius, So I just want to stay clear from anything slimy and green and oozing, boozing.


So Googling this will basically present you with an image of a man stretching out his arse so hard that you can practically see up him. Practically you can see up him. Remember curiosity killed the cat. The only fairly amusing thing about this otherwise nightmarish inducing Google search is the parody pictures which are actually kind of worth it.

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If you want to see a human parasite, yeah I don’t think so. Googling this will bring you loads of images of humans have been overrun with larvae which are being flies that turn into maggots. So by all means if you want to see maggots wiggling through someone eyeball, be my guest, but if you don’t then please please please stay away from this.


The University of Tennessee’s Anthropological research facility set up the first body farm in the 1980s. This was set up to study the various states of decomposition that the human body goes through and under various conditions. Basically the body farm is a huge space covered with dead bodies in various states of decay. I mean unless you have a really strong stomach and really morbid sense of curiosity, you don’t want to see this one, trust me okay.

Just in case if you didn’t heed my advice and you googled any of these things. I’m just going to show you some nice images now, okay here we go.

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