10 Countries Where Begging Is Banned

Hello Readers. Welcome to Humor Nation. Begging, the easiest way to earn. How many of us would consider it a crime? I guess none. Well, its time to change our assumptions. Today we will take a look at countries where begging is not allowed.

Indians have always witnessed those people from slum areas who timely arrive near the traffic signals, temples, roadsides and market sides in the hope of some food and a few bucks. And how easily they risk their life begging on a chaotic road.

I agree we all have had a soft corner and pity feeling for them since our childhood. Also, we have paid them some bucks or food considering various superstitions or our sympathy towards them. But do we know these helpless people are banned in some countries?

Yes, you read that right. Though Begging is the no hard work solution to earn a living, yet is not entertained in many countries. The law there is so strict that beggars are either put behind the bars or are deported to their native lands.

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For once I believe this isn’t a good rule. Why not let the poor disabled fellows eat for free and have some charity on our account? but then at least the nation is encouraging the idea of earning by self and attaining a better form of lifestyle.

Individuals this way try their talent and not luck to earn a good living. This also reduces the chances of having uneducated crowd messing on roads over few bucks. Provides comfort to the passers-by and also reduces on-road thefts.

Knowing such a rule is an utter shock for all of us. So, scroll down to add some knowledge to your shock and read about 10 such countries where begging is banned.



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