9 Things That Need To Happen In Third Season Of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

7. Sabrina and Harvey

9 Storylines That The Third Season Of Sabrina Needs To Wrap Up

Sabrina and Harvey’s relationship has been on and off every time. Now that they’re dating other people did not show that their love has finished completely. We have seen the spark in some episodes, so let’s see whom she finally dates in season 3.

6. Roz and Harvey

Roz and Harvey have been seen confessing their love for one another in the show. But do you think their relationship will last? Let’s see what actually happens to this couple in season 3.

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5. Don’t trust Sabrina

In the second season, we have seen Sabrina’s mortal friends losing trust in her, but she again gains their trust by helping them. But a show cannot resist without drama so let’s see whether this trust continues or not.

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