9 Things That Not Even The True Hannibal Fans Know About Silence Of The Lambs


Pretty much everyone agrees that Silence of the Lambs is one of the great films, but I love a movie mistake as much as the next jerk, so here we go. Okay, so in this super freaky night vision sequence down in Jame Gum’s terror cellar, we have this part where he raises his pistol to shoot Clarice in the back. But notice when he raises the gun it casts a shadow. Problem is, it’s pitch black down there, that’s why he’s wearing night vision goggles.

So really his gun should not have cast a shadow because they’re in total darkness. Of course, making movies requires light. They couldn’t actually have it complete in total darkness on set or else someone could trip over a cable, or accidentally grab diet coke from craft services instead of regular. And most importantly, if the set were pitch black, the cameras wouldn’t be able to record anything, leaving us with this minor but interesting movie mistake.

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Let’s talk about all of the moths. As you might have suspected, they did have a couple of mechanical moths that they used for certain shots and scenes in the Silence of the Lambs. But you probably didn’t realize that the filmmakers mainly used moths that were in suspended animation and then warmed them up enough to get them to reanimate. They even had a moth wrangler on their crew who supplied them with moths at various stages of life, like for this part with Gum removing the proboscis sheath.

The moths had to be kept in rooms with special controls for humidity and heat. And some even had specially designed body shields, basically moth costuming. But don’t worry, they didn’t use a real moth for this part. The cocoon here, was actually made out of candy. Mainly, so that if the actor accidentally swallowed it, it would be totally edible and way tastier than a real cocoon.


Silence of the Lambs, a film in which people getting their faces eaten, this is one of the most cringe worthy moments, yuck. But it may make you happy to know that, that’s not real. It’s a prosthetic nip. So, it’s a fake nip that’s really been pierced, I guess. If you ask me, that nip is just as convincing as anything else in the movie. Someone give that nip an Oscar.

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